Mobile Popularity Getting Famous Online With Smart Phones

Mobile Popularity Getting Famous

Mobile Popularity Getting Famous  : One of the many great things recent technological advancement has given us is this whole new ability to become famous in an online world, and now on mobile phones. The explosion in the usage of smart phones and other Internet-ready mobile devices. Has lead to what’s become a new industry in the entertainment world. Indeed, with the advent of iPhones, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, and the like, virtually anybody who owns. One can access the Internet anywhere and at anytime of the day, which of course includes YouTube.

These mobile devices were created out of the sheer necessity of simplifying work. But a huge percentage of those who own these gadgets indulge in playing games, running applications, browsing the Web, and listening to music and, of course, watching videos.

Video streaming is now the most popular application for mobile users all over the world. In fact, according to surveys conducted by Allot Communications. Online videos make up 35% or one-third of the total mobile usage. Out of all the video streams circulating around the globe, 40% is YouTube, and YouTube also makes up 13% of global mobile data bandwidth.

Gartner Inc a research firm,

said that by 2013, the number of Internet-ready mobile phones will surpass the number of computers in the world. A testament to this is one of my videos “Only Gay,” which got most of its views on mobile phones (and passed 100k views in just its first month online).

Given the status of video streaming in global mobile usage. And the recent innovations of YouTube and other video streaming websites, there is a great chance. That your popularity on the web is going to reach an all-time high if you are engaged in online video-making. Think about this global phenomenon and how you can use this to your advantage. Video streaming on mobile phones is very similar to watching videos on a computer – only more accessible and portable. Mobile Popularity Getting Famous

With the launch of YouTube Mobil. Mobile users can now jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the convenience of video streaming right from their pockets. This new feature provides a personalized mobile homepage for the users, high-quality video playback specifically for your phone. A “Related Videos” section just like the computer version, and a new navigation list. You can also upload videos directly from your mobile phone, and search, share, rate and comment on videos from the mobile website.

One drawback to mobile YouTube videos at this stage is that the annotations don’t work (the text and link bubbles that video producers can put on different parts of their videos). So keep in mind with your upcoming videos that as more and more people switch to watching on their phones. You’ll want to ensure your video isn’t too reliant on the annotations.

A world of completely portable and accessible mobile video is on its way – so make sure you’re taking advantage of the technology because you never know who the next smart phone superstar will be!

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