Netizens Must Know Smart Ways to Use Social Media

Netizens Must Know

Netizens Must Know : Often use digital media for almost all areas of life? In addition to the pandemic pushing your life to be more digitally capable, there are things to watch out for when you have to exchange information in the digital world.

Digitalization has made things easier. Anything can be done and connected to one another wherever you are. However, there is a side that citizens must also understand.

Don’t let this ease of access make you lazy to spread information without the right facts or do bullying through your fingers without you knowing it. Or it could even be that your negligence in social media even leaked your personal data.

So, for that reason, netizens, who are certainly mostly playing social media, first understand how to use this technology properly, without harming others or ourselves.

Especially for those who are still of school age and teenagers, be smart in sorting information and disseminating information, smart in choosing the accounts to follow. Don’t let social media interfere with your mental health and make you lose money. Not others, but ourselves who will feel the loss. Netizens Must Know

1. Maintain the etiquette of language and communication behavior

Even if you are in cyberspace. The reason is that the law oversees and the digital footprint will not disappear. Therefore, always maintain politeness in giving comments. Do not offend, hurt or bully others.

2. Hold your emotions

Before daring to comment or upload an outpouring or vent. It’s a good idea to hold on to your emotions and don’t vent your emotions on social media, or you could be at a loss because you could embarrass yourself and/or harm others.

3. Rethink

Before deciding to upload something, let’s think twice so that what we upload does not cause something to harm ourselves or others.

4. Diary is better

If your intention is to pour out all your annoyance, emotion, or sadness, social media is not a good choice. Diary or diary is better so where you write down all the outpourings of your heart.

5. Only take advantage of the positive side of social media

Social media has many positive sides including establishing friendships, showing off our sales/trade, finding traces of old friends and others. Only use social media for positive things.

6. Facts

Beware this is dangerous, lest you become a spreader of fake news aka hoaxes. It’s a good idea to research the facts before spreading things you don’t understand on social media.

On the other hand, when you receive information that feels strange and odd, first look for the truth. Do not swallow information whole, filter and study.

7. Keep personal data and privacy

Everyone has human rights to be able to protect themselves and/or their personalities. This is stated in the 1945 Constitution, Article 28 G which reads: “Everyone has the right to personal protection, family, honor, dignity and property under his control, and has the right to a sense of security and protection from the threat of fear of to do or not to do something which is a human right”.

This protection also includes the protection of his personal data. Every individual certainly has the right to privacy on his personal data, namely the right to be able to organize, edit, manage and delete his personal data and determine when, how and for what purpose the data is communicated to other parties.

8 . Filter followed accounts

Social media is very influential on mental health. We are often ‘glazed’ with the lives of others that we see on social media, and compare them with our lives.

In fact, everything that appears on social media is just an outer shell that we don’t know about. To overcome this, follow useful, entertaining, or credible accounts that can actually add to your insight. Stay away from accounts that are toxic and don’t have any use.

9. Be careful and don’t just believe

When receiving information from social media. You also have to be good at sorting and choosing good or bad information. The lack of information only makes your mental health disturbed, it’s better to avoid and stay away.

That’s what Netizens Must Know

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