Tips for Buying New Gadgets in Online Stores Safely

New Gadgets in Online Stores

Tips for Buying New Gadgets in Online Stores Safely – The digital era brings many positive impacts on habits, including when shopping, where the presence of online shops and marketplaces makes it very easy for those of you who want to buy an item.

No need to leave the house and just sit back the goods you buy will be delivered directly to your address. Easy, practical, and efficient.

Buying a cellphone online is one of the things that consumers like, and Indonesia is no exception. Besides the convenience of choosing the cellphone you need, buying a cellphone online is very easy, especially if you live far away in remote areas.

Tips for Buying New Gadgets in Online Stores Safely

The new trend of online shopping makes it easier, but many who buy cellphones are tricked. It’s not easy, it’s a problem. To avoid fraud when shopping, it’s a good idea to listen to the tips for buying a cellphone online below:

1. Get to know the reputation of the store or seller

The first smart tip to buy a new gadgets in online stores is to identify the seller’s reputation and biography, the article is that online shops and marketplaces in Indonesia are currently growing rapidly. Some of them even offer cellphone prices below the market, of course making anyone interested in making a purchase.

However, don’t be fooled by the price quote. You are required to check the reputation of the site in order to get cellphone products that match your wishes and expectations, as well as protect transactions with a guaranteed security system.

Here, you must choose the best online shop that has a positive reputation in terms of service, providing truly original products according to the description, be it used or new cellphone products.

This reputation also applies to resolving complaints from customers, both in terms of delivery, warranty or other services that provide comfort and security to customers, such as an easy-to-contact call center and a clear online shop address.

Don’t forget, check the location of the store from the seller, it is better if the seller has a physical store so it will be easier to claim a warranty, where some sellers also provide personal guarantees.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask

It would be better if you buy a cellphone online through an Online Shop that allows sellers and buyers to interact. Here, you can ask all kinds of things to the seller regarding the desired item.

In addition, interaction with the seller will make it easier for you to resolve complaints if an error occurs during delivery, or if the item received is damaged.

Instead of relying on marketplace managers to submit complaints. Direct interaction with sellers can speed up problem solving, shortening your time to complete transactions that have already been made.

Some of the best marketplaces allow this, marked by a discussion feature on the sales page, a general question feature, a message feature, and even an online shop that has a chat feature so you can ask questions in real-time.

3. Compare Features and Prices

Here, you can determine the price of the cellphone according to your budget, the specifications of the cellphone according to your needs and the cellphone warranty as an after-sales service.

Before deciding on a type and brand of cellphone, it’s a good idea to do a comparison between cellphones so you don’t regret it later, and can get the best cellphones online with quality and as desired.

You can compare cellphone specifications on Pricebook, then adjust them according to your needs, such as gaming, photography, battery performance, connectivity, design and screen.

Besides being able to compare cellphone specifications, you can also compare the selling price of a cellphone by accessing Pricebook. Here, you can determine which online shops and market places sell the desired cellphone at the lowest price offer.

4. Shop Through the Official App

Not only allowing consumers to transact through the website, several online shops are now making mobile applications to support the convenience of consumers to transact via cellphones without having to open a desktop or laptop.

However, you are required to buy a cellphone online through an official application owned by an online shop. Not an application made by a third party in order to protect your personal data from irresponsible parties.

In addition, buying a cellphone online through a mobile application is sometimes a little cheaper than buying it through a website because some marketplaces provide discount voucher codes that can only be applied through a mobile application.

5. Check Availability and Completeness of Goods

You need to check the availability of goods so that delivery can be done quickly. You can ask directly or see the number of items in stock which are usually displayed on the sales page. Given that currently there are many sellers whose status is as resellers. Of course the availability of these goods depends on the supplier.

In addition, some of the best marketplaces in Indonesia also hold a pre-order system for new cellphone products. If you want to place an order. Pay attention to the promised delivery date to find out the estimated time it will arrive in your hands.

Besides checking availability, you are also require to know the completeness of the cellphone you want to buy. If you buy a new product, make sure you know what standard equipment is provided by the manufacturer. You can know this by watching the cellphone unboxing video on YouTube.

As a buyer, of course you are entitle to the appropriate equipment, nothing is reduced by the seller. For those of you who want to buy used cellphone products. You need to know the completeness and authenticity provided by the seller.

By default, a complete ex-warranty used cellphone has a cellphone box that matches the machine’s IMEI. A built-in original adapter and data cable, a manual book and a built-in original headset.

6. Choose the Most Convenient Payment Method

The payment methods provided by an online shop are very varied. Some of them offer payment methods by debit card, bank transfer, credit card, credit without a credit card and even cash on delivery (COD) which allows you to pay when the goods are receiv.

Each payment method, of course, has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this case, of course you are requir to always be vigilant by opening a site with a transaction page that has an HTTPS prefix.

A number of marketplaces also provide payment methods on credit (buy credit online cellphones) without having to use a credit card. This is indeed very easy for those of you who want to have a certain cellphone but don’t have enough funds and don’t have a credit card.

7. Choose the Best Shipping Method

Choosing a shipping method or shipping is the final step you will take when buying a cellphone online at the best online shop of your choice.

Here, you can choose various expedition services that have collaborated with the marketplace with different fees and different services.

As a consideration in choosing a shipping method, you can see the availability of communication lines from each expedition. Choose the easiest to contact so that it doesn’t make it difficult for you when there is a problem in the shipping process.

In addition, you can adjust the rates offered by an expedition. If you want cheap, you can choose regular rates which usually take quite a long time to ship. Regarding long-distance shipping, we recommend that you opt for additional insurance services.

Insurance and wooden packing make shipping costs more expensive. But if you want a safer order, it never hurts to choose these two things.

Tips for buying new gadgets in online store safely above must be consider. Especially for those who are doing online shopping for the first time so they are not easily deceiv by naughty sellers.

By following these tips, you can buy a cellphone online safely without worrying about being deceive. And of course it will be easier to get the products you want. Well, happy shopping!

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