OPPO A57 brings a modern retro design

OPPO A57 brings

OPPO A57 brings : OPPO Indonesia is preparing to launch a new A series variant in Indonesia. The company will reportedly launch the OPPO A57 after confirming the launch date. OPPO revealed that the device will be released online through OPPO Indonesia’s official TikTok account and OPPO Store Indonesia on 21 July.

Ahead of its launch, several specifications of the OPPO A57 began to be announced by the company slowly. OPPO said that this device is very special because it carries a number of ‘All-in-One’ predicates on their A5 series smartphone.

Furthermore, it seems that these ‘first’ predicates will become OPPO A57’s weapons to attract their consumers in Indonesia. In fact, the company revealed, the predicate is able to make the A57 device far outperform its competitors.

“Being the first with a modern retro design, applying the OPPO Glow technique on the back, the use of dual speakers, equipped with 33W SuperVOOC fast charging, charging heat technology to regulate heat power when retired and expansion of RAM and ROM. All of them make the OPPO A57 device competitive and even superior in its class,” said PR Manager OPPO Indonesia, Aryo Meidianto A through a written press release (15/7).

OPPO A57 brings In terms of design, the company presents the OPPO Glow coloring technique which was previously used specifically for the Reno series line. This technique is claimed to make the device sparkle when exposed to light and at the same time it is strengthened so that it is scratch-resistant and fingerprint-free.

For charging, OPPO presents 33W SuperVOOC fast charging technology which was previously only present in high-end devices. This device is also equipped with a charging heat technology feature that will protect the charging of the A57 device.

In addition, to realize consumers in this class, OPPO also presents dual speakers accompanied by sound optimization for A57 series smartphones. In fact, previously this feature was only available on a number of their upper middle class devices.

Another specification revealed by the company is the memory expansion feature on this latest A5 series smartphone. This memory expansion feature will come with the expansion of RAM and ROM found on the OPPO A57 device.

Previously, this RAM and ROM expansion had been presented for the first time by the company on the OPPO A76 smartphone. Interestingly, on the OPPO A57 device, this memory expansion feature will only be present for devices marketed in Indonesia and India.

Regarding the price, OPPO Indonesia still hasn’t mentioned the exact number of the upcoming A57 device. His party said that the OPPO A57 cellphone in Indonesia would be sold with a price range of IDR 2 million and began to be gradually available today in online and offline sales.

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