How to Overcome a Striped HP Screen

overcome a striped HP screen

How to overcome a striped HP screen, mobile or HP is an important object for everyday life. In today’s digital era, the use of a cell phone has become a basic need for almost everyone. However, using a cellphone continuously sometimes brings problems to the health of the cellphone. For example, a line appears on the screen. How to deal with a striped HP screen sometimes makes you annoyed and confused.

HP screens that have horizontal or vertical stripes are certainly very annoying. The way to deal with a HP screen with horizontal stripes is generally not much different from a HP screen with vertical stripes. Likewise regarding how to deal with a white striped HP screen. This is because the problem with the striped HP screen can be caused by many factors. Whether it’s a factor from the HP hardware, or a problem that comes from the HP software.

Causes of a Striped HP Screen

As previously mentioned, the appearance of lines on the HP screen, both Android and Iphone can be caused by two main things, namely software and hardware. You need to know for sure about the cause of the lines on your cellphone so you can determine what is the most appropriate way to deal with a striped cellphone screen. The following are the causes of lines on the HP screen that occur the most and are very fatal to the condition of your cellphone.

1. HP Dropped

Cell phones that often fall can be one of the causes of the cellphone screen showing lines. Usually the lines that appear from a dropped cellphone can attack hardware or software. If it attacks hardware, then usually there is damage to the LCD screen. Like an LCD that is cracked from the inside or broken.

On the other hand, if you suspect that the damage occurred to the HP software as a result of being slammed, then to check whether the damage occurred to the software you can do it with the screenshot trick. You can take screenshots of any screen display on your cellphone. Then send the screenshot to your friend to see. If the screenshot results show no lines when received on your friend’s cellphone, then you can be sure that your software is safe and the damage is to the hardware.

2. HP Hit or Submerged in Water

The cause of the next striped HP screen is because the HP has been splashed with water or has been submerged in a pool of water. Some HP brands that don’t have good resistance will be easily damaged when in contact with water. As an electronic item, of course, direct contact with water must be avoided to minimize the possibility of unwanted electrical reactions.

Direct contact with water, apart from causing lines on the HP screen, can also cause the cellphone screen to shake. Therefore, special and correct handling is needed regarding how to deal with a striped and shaking HP screen. In the next section of this article, we will discuss how to solve this HP problem.

3. There is a System Error

Another cause that can cause a line to appear on your cellphone screen is a system error. The HP system that has an error usually reacts by displaying a system bug in the form of a fine line like a strand of hair or sometimes a flashing screen. Problems with the error system itself usually occur on cellphones that are formerly rooted or HP assemblies. As for how to deal with a striped cellphone screen caused by a system error, it generally requires certain techniques.

How to Overcome a Striped HP Screen

Here’s how to deal with overcome a striped HP screen.

After knowing some of the common causes of lines appearing on cellphones. Next, you need to know how to deal with a striped HP screen precisely. Because, if you don’t know how to deal with a good and correct striped cellphone screen, chances are that instead of helping your cellphone, it will actually cause new problems for your cellphone. The following is a complete review of how to deal with a striped HP screen.

1. Restart HP, Then Use Safe Mode

The first way to deal with a striped cellphone screen that you can try is to restart your cellphone, then proceed by activating the use of ‘safe mode’. The use of safe mode serves to track the performance of the operating system and find a diagnosis if there is trouble in the operating system. By activating safe mode, if indeed there are cracks or screen lines in the software, the system will immediately send a signal or notification.

The way to activate the safe mode feature is:

  • Press your cellphone’s power button until a pop-up menu appears on the screen.
  • Click and hold the power off button until another pop up appears.
  • Click Ok to be able to reboot the cellphone into the Safe mode feature, after that your cellphone will automatically be in safe mode or safe mode.

If you can’t find the pop up menu, or the way to deal with the striped cellphone screen above doesn’t work, you can look for a method that matches the cellphone version you have. Because there are usually different types of cellphones and different operating systems, the way to activate the safe mode feature will also be different.

2. Fix Striped HP Screen with Developer Options

Another way to deal with a striped cellphone screen that you can choose is to use the developer options. Developer options or developer options is a page where on this page you can adjust your cellphone settings in a more complete and detailed way. On this developer options page, there is also a Show Pointer Location setting that you can turn off to help you get rid of fine lines, horizontal lines, and vertical lines on your cellphone screen.

To be able to find developer options and activate them, you can do the following steps.

  • Open the Android settings section on your cellphone
  • Find the ‘about’ or ‘about’ option on the HP
  • Click the option then enter the About HP menu
  • After logging in, then look for the ‘Construction Number’ column. Click a few times until you find the message “You have become a developer”
  • Next, you may tap the back button, then after that open the ‘Developer Options’ menu.
  • After opening the menu, you can disable the ‘Hint Display’ option.
  • Automatically, the lines on your cellphone screen will no longer appear and disappear.
  • Lines that can be removed using the developer options menu are white lines, vertical lines, horizontal lines, colorful lines or other lines that originate within the HP system, not lines resulting from damage or interference with hardware.

3. Use the LCD Fixer Application

Another thing you can do if you are confus about how to deal with a striped cellphone screen is to use the LCD Fixer application. On an Android cellphone, there are already several applications that are deliberately develop to be the answer and one of the solutions on how to deal with a strip cellphone screen or other cellphone problems.

One of the applications that you can try to repair your LCD, or commonly call the LCD Fixer application, is an application called Dead Pixels Test and Fix. You can easily download this application on the Google Play Store because many people have used it, so the rating is also high and it’s not difficult to find.

The application works by detecting HP pixels that are consider damag. After doing the detection, the application will work by eliminating the dots that become lines on the screen so that the lines on the cellphone screen can be gradually resolv.

How to use the application is as follows:

  • Look for the Dead Pixels Test and Fix app and download it.
  • Activate the application by opening and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Tap the ‘Check Dead Pixel and Fix Dead Pixel’ option to start fixing line problems on the HP screen.
  • After completing these steps, then you only need to wait for the application to work until the results are visible.

4. Press the Surface of the Screen Down

If the way to deal with the striped HP screen above still doesn’t work. Then press the surface of the screen down. You can do this method if the diagnosis shows that damage or interference with your cellphone screen is from external or hardware factors.

You can do this manual method by pressing the surface of the screen slowly and intensely to the bottom of the cellphone using your fingertip. Do it repeatedly until the line on your cellphone screen disappears.

The above article explains how to deal with overcome a striped HP screen and also the causes of a striped cellphone screen. Hopefully it can help those of you who are experiencing a striped cellphone screen.

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