How to Overcome Active Cellular Data But Can’t Internet

Overcome Active Cellular Data

How to Overcome Active Cellular Data But Can’t Internet – Have you ever experienced an incident when mobile data is active but can’t be used?

Apparently, things like this are often experienced by many people. I don’t know what the cause is, cellular data suddenly doesn’t work even though the icon appears in the toolbar window and the data plan has been activated. It is undeniable, even though technology has become increasingly sophisticated, it does not mean that the smartphone you use will never experience problems.

When it’s like this, of course, your smartphone will not be able to function properly. Especially now that almost all applications, games, and social media require internet access in order to work according to their functions. Without the internet, you will be limited in its use.

Well, before discussing ways that can be overcome so that your cellular data can be active on the internet again, it is necessary to know some of the reasons why your smartphone cannot be active on the internet.

Causes of Problematic Smartphone Internet Mobile data

The problem of smartphones not being able to activate the internet even though it has been activated is certainly not a new problem. This problem has actually been around for a long time. In addition, this condition also makes it a little difficult to identify the cause of the problem.

Even so, there are several main causes that can result in your smartphone not being able to connect to the internet. Some of them are as follows:

    • An error or bug has occurred in the system on the phone
    • Enable automatic network settings
    • Attacked by viruses and malware
    • There is interference from the SIM operator
    • Problem SIM card slot
    • The phone has never been rooted.

Of course, apart from these reasons, there are many other factors that make the internet on a smartphone problematic.

After knowing the cause of why your smartphone internet often has problems, here’s a solution for how to deal with active cellular data but can’t surf that you can try yourself at home.

How to Overcome Active Cellular Data But Can’t Internet

How to solve this problem? Here are some of the solutions below:

1. Activate Airplane Mode

The first way you can do to solve active cellular data but can’t use it for internet is to temporarily activate Airplane mode. You can activate airplane mode on your smartphone for a few seconds, then turn it off again so that the internet provider network will refresh and look for a better connection.

Although it sounds trivial, in fact this method is quite powerful to overcome various problems related to the overcome active cellular data but can’t internet. Please note that this method also applies to those of you who experience active cellular data but cannot surf the internet with Indosat, Tri, Axis, or other operators.

2. Reset APN

The next way to fix problems related to overcoming active cellular data but can’t internet is to reset the APN operator you are using. Usually when the APN settings are changed, the internet connection will also experience changes, whether it’s more stable, faster, or even lost.

Therefore, you must do a proper APN reset so that the internet network on your smartphone can be active again normally as usual. Usually the APN will be set automatically the first time you insert the SIM card into the smartphone. But it never hurts to double check the APN settings on your smartphone.

If you don’t already know, here’s how to change APN settings on a smartphone:

    • Go to “settings”
    • Look for the “SIM Card & Mobile Network” menu
    • Select the “Access Point Name” (APN) option
    • Don’t replace the existing one, but select “Create New APN”
    • Finally, enter the APN that corresponds to the SIM card used.

3. Temporarily Remove the SIM Card

The next solution to overcome active cellular data but can’t surf is to turn off the SIM card you are using. You can release to remove first for a few moments, after that you put it back on the smartphone device.

Usually, after doing this method, the cellular data can be use again normally without interference as before. If you know that all the SIM cards used have a brass plate in one piece. Where the brass plate is what makes your SIM card usable for telephone, sms, and internet purposes.

Your SIM can have problems if it gets scratch. Even dirt stuck to the brass can also cause your SIM card to have problems. One of them cannot be use to use the internet. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you remove the SIM card from the smartphone and clean the brass plate inside. After that, reinstall the SIM card and re-enable mobile data as usual.

4. Telephone Call Center Operators

The next solution that you can use when cellular data is active but can’t have internet is by calling the call center operator used.

The call center will provide you with several solutions regarding the network problem you are experiencing. But also make sure that you have sufficient credit before calling the operator’s call center. Because in general these calls will be charge at a fee.

5. Reboot Smartphone

You can also try rebooting your smartphone while still enabling Airplane mode. After the smartphone comes back on, then you turn off the Airplane mode.

Even though it’s simple, how to fix the internet network on this one smartphone has been widely used and many have proven successful. In addition, this method is also often use to overcome slow internet connections or even mobile data that cannot be active at all.

6. Switch Networks Manually

If the various methods above still can’t make your cellular data used for the internet, you can try to switch networks manually on your smartphone. For example, if you are using a 4G LTE only network, then you can switch to a 2G or 3G network for a while. Wait a few moments, then you switch back to the 4G network.

In some cases, this method is proven to solve the problem of active cellular data but cannot surf on various operators and smartphone brand. This condition is also suitable when there is no 4G service provided by the SIM operator in your place. Not infrequently using this method is also able to be a solution for how to activate cellular data that does not appear.

Those are some ways you can do if you overcome active cellular data but can’t surf the internet. You can simply choose one of the several methods above and choose the most useful for your smartphone. Good luck.

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