smartphone with water entrance

How to Overcome a Smartphone with Water Entrance

How to overcome a smartphone with water entrance, water is an enemy for several types of electronic goods, one of which is a cell phone. Water that gets into the HP can cause damage to the components inside. As a result, the cellphone cannot function as it should, or even totally shuts down.

However, if your phone gets exposed  

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Set a Smartwatch Clock

How to Set a Smartwatch Clock Before it’s Ready to Use

Set a Smartwatch Clock Before it’s Ready to Use, Every year, there are always new innovations issued from watch brands. No exception, smart watches alias smartwatch. So, if you’re curious about what a smartwatch looks like, how to set a smartwatch clock, and what are smartwatch recommendations, read on in this article to find out.

What is a Smartwatch?


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HP recommendations

HP Recommendations With the Best Cameras

HP recommendations with the best cameras, It’s difficult for HP manufacturers to make a mark on their products these days. That is why several brands are trying to make the best camera cellphones. Because every new phone looks the same and resembles, has and is capable of doing the same things. But when it comes to the best HP cameras,  

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Remove the Default OPPO Application

How to Remove the Default OPPO Application Without ROOT

Remove the Default OPPO Application Without ROOT. How to remove OPPO Default Applications can be done in several ways, even so easy you don’t need Root access. Unlike other cellphones, for HP Oppo itself, it’s easier to delete the default application.

The default application itself is an application that was there when the cellphone was first operated. This default application  

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Flagship HP Recommendations

The Best and Most Interested Flagship HP Recommendations

Flagship HP Recommendations, What’s your dream smartphone like? Does it have the latest processor support? Or support for jumbo RAM capacity to captivate camera features? Of course you can have all of that if you have an unlimited budget where you can have some of the best smartphones with all the advantages they have.

If you have more budget.  

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smartphone recommendations

The Best Smartphone Recommendations

The best smartphone recommendations, along with the times, all HP brands in the world are always improving the technology embedded in their products. Therefore, gadget enthusiasts must also feel this development by looking at the latest HP specifications that have tantalizing innovations.

Whether it’s in terms of camera, connectivity, battery, memory capacity, to the operating system, all standard specifications  

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Caring for Android HP Planted Batteries

Tips for Caring for Android HP Planted Batteries Stay Durable

Caring for Android HP Planted Batteries, In the latest smartphones, implanted batteries are used more than removable batteries. The embedded battery makes the smartphone body thinner so that it looks cooler.

In addition, with embedded batteries, smartphone manufacturers can make cellphones that are more closed with sturdier materials. This condition makes the cellphone more water resistant and dust does  

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Use a smartphone wisely

How to Use a Smartphone Wisely

How to Use a smartphone wisely, how much time do you spend per day on your smartphone? A study found that the average age group of 20-35 years uses a smartphone for 7 hours a day. Unmitigated, as many as 79 percent of them immediately check their smartphone within 1 minute after waking up (hey, you are in this  

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LCD cannot be touched

Tips for Overcoming LCD Cannot be Touched

Tips for overcoming LCD cannot be touched, have you ever experienced a problem with your cellphone screen, you can’t even touch it? Take it easy, because there is a way to overcome the HP screen that cannot be touched. Before that, first find out what causes and characteristics of the HP error screen so that it can’t be touched. 

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overcome a striped HP screen

How to Overcome a Striped HP Screen

How to overcome a striped HP screen, mobile or HP is an important object for everyday life. In today’s digital era, the use of a cell phone has become a basic need for almost everyone. However, using a cellphone continuously sometimes brings problems to the health of the cellphone. For example, a line appears on the screen. How to  

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