Get to know

Get to know the smart cooling system on OPPO Reno5 F

Get to know : One of the interesting points when the OPPO Reno5 F was launched was the existence of a special cooling system on the device. This system is believed to dissipate heat more efficiently. This is certainly quite interesting to discuss, considering that technology like this is commonly found in gaming smartphones, which are indeed prepared to maintain  

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Ibacks Launches Flagship

Ibacks Launches Flagship Powerbank and Charger Adapter

Ibacks Launches Flagship : Ibacks, one of the brands that produces gadget support devices, officially introduces its flagship product, the Ibacks Kingkong 10,000mah & Ibacks miniMAG GAN Charger Adapter.

These two variants are a combination of smart and elegant choices to support all user activities, without having to worry about running out of power for your gadgets anywhere, anytime, without  

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Smart devices using

Smart devices using them safely in your home

Smart devices using  : Smart devices are the everyday items that connect to the internet. This can include both ‘hi-tech’ items (think smart speakers, fitness trackers and security cameras), and also standard household items (such as fridges, lightbulbs and doorbells). Unlike conventional household items, you can’t just switch on a smart device and forget it; you’ll need to check a  

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BlackBerry phones

BlackBerry phones will be revived, more sophisticated?

BlackBerry phones : Blackberry intends to revive the smartphone with a physical qwerty keyboard.

The Texas, United States-based Onward Mobility startup will partner with Foxconn to launch a flagship phone this year.

BlackBerry intends to revive the smartphone with a physical qwerty keyboard.

The plan is that the phone, which will have a 5G network, will go on sale for  

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These 4 Design

These 4 Design Advantages of the HUAWEI MateBook D14 Intel

These 4 Design : Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) Indonesia announced the launch of their newest product, Intel’s HUAWEI MateBook D14 in Indonesia. This laptop is specifically designed to provide convenience for the younger generation who rely on PCs for daily learning and entertainment. In order to build a ‘Better Connected World’, this new 14-inch Huawei laptop introduces a revolutionary  

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Smart gadgets to

Smart gadgets to make your home a smart home

Smart gadgets to : Everyone has heard the term home automation, and it was the thing that only people with deep pockets could afford. With the technological advancement in IoT, these smart devices are available at affordable rates to all making it easy for you to jump into a smart home experience.

Wondering where to start? You could start with  

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7 Best Smart

7 Best Smart Home Devices, Make Your Home So Sophisticated

7 Best Smart : Smart home devices are becoming very popular nowadays, whether it’s smart displays or smart security cameras. The prices for such smart devices are becoming more affordable nowadays, and their use is also easier.

In addition, many of them can also be controlled via cellphone with voice commands, such as turning off/on lights, tuning songs, reading news  

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How to Protect

How to Protect Your Gadget from Malware and Other Virus Attacks

How to Protect : Cyber attack activity in the form of malware or whatever continues to increase lately. Even this past month, it is estimated that there have been hundreds of successful malware attacks.

In 2018, there were more than 800 million malware attacks. This figure experienced a drastic increase from 12.4 million in 2019.

Online hacking is done with  

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Smart Tips for

Smart Tips for Choosing an Internet Provider When WFH

Smart Tips for : The corona virus pandemic or Covid-19 requires everyone to implement health protocols. One of them is through the work from home (WFH) policy. This activity has now become a new culture and requires adequate supporting facilities, namely the internet network.

With the need for an internet data connection, especially when doing activities at home, intelligence is  

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Xiaomi Patents

Xiaomi Patents Smart Mask Design

Xiaomi Patents : The Chinese technology company, Xiaomi, has patented a design for a smart mask or Smart Mask. This patent application was granted by the United States Patent Office (USPTO) on 18 February. Based on the patent filed, this smart mask from Xiaomi will later be used to measure the quality of the air inhaled by its users.


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