How to Choose a Quality Android Phone

Quality Android Phone

How to Choose a Quality Android Phone, When we want to buy a new or used Android phone, we are definitely confused with the choice of various types, brands, specifications and types of sophisticated cellphones ranging from low prices to high prices. However, the adage “There’s Money There’s Quality” here definitely applies.

If we buy a cellphone with a high price like a flagship smartphone, maybe we will get our own satisfaction because the sophistication of the features and the quality offered is definitely the best. However, there are times when not all expensive smartphones are good and suitable for buyers and users.

There are so many android phones that have good specifications and quality but are cheap. So it’s not strange if a lot of people are confused in choosing the right android phone because there are so many variations of choices. Here will provide tips on how to choose and buy an quality android phone.

How to Choose a Quality Android Phone

1. Processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The most important thing and that must be considered in choosing an Android smartphone is the processor used. SoC (System on Chip) is the core brain of an Android smartphone system. If the CPU specifications used are low, don’t be surprised if the Android smartphone feels slow and often lags even though it’s new and doesn’t install many applications.

Here are tips for choosing an Android processor:

  • Choose a processor with a well-known brand such as Qualcomm Snapdragon, Exynos, Nvidia Tegra if you have a high budget. Otherwise, you can choose a processor with a Mediatek (MTK) or Intel brand.
  • Choose the highest series of the chipset you choose.
  • Choose a chipset with a high clockspeed of at least 1 GHz, higher is better.
  • Choose the most modern and new architecture today such as ARMv8, Cortex A53, Cortex A57 and others.
  • Choose the smallest and most sophisticated manufacturer. Examples of units are 90nm, 65nm, 45nm, 40nm, and 28nm, 14nm, 10nm.
  • Also choose a processor with a large and fast cache.
  • And most importantly, choose a processor with a lot of cores at least 2 cores (dual core). The more the better like 4 cores (quadcore), 6 cores (hexacore), 8 cores (octacore), 10 cores (decacore).

2. RAM (Random Access Memory)

If the processor or chipset works as the brain, then the ram is the memory. Ram is useful when we run various applications at the same time. The more applications we run, the greater the memory required. With large Ram, we can move between applications smoothly. However, if we choose the wrong ram, the android that we use will feel slow and the applications we run will often get stuck and force close.

Here are tips for choosing a good and correct Android RAM:

  • Choose a RAM capacity of at least 1 GB, bigger is of course better.
  • Important! Choose the latest type of ram such as LPDDR2, LPDDR3, LPDDR4 (Higher series is faster).
  • And choose RAM with high frequency (only MHz).

3. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

As the name implies, the function of the GPU is as a graphics processor. By choosing a good GPU, Android’s 2D and 3D performance will be very fast and smooth. For example, when we watch videos and games, there will be no annoying lag or stuttering if the GPU is capable. Besides being smooth, using a capable GPU can also spoil our eyes because of the stunning, detailed and clear graphic display.

4. Screen or Display

The screen is the next important component to consider. Why is that? Because the screen is the main output device that functions to display information that has been processed by the three components above. No matter how high the specifications are, if the screen is ugly, it’s useless because we will not enjoy the beauty produced by the graphics manager such as viewing photos, videos, 3D games and so on.

5. Internal ROM Storage

In order to meet multimedia needs, internal is very important because with extensive internal storage we can freely store various files such as videos, music, archives, documents and so on. In addition, if our internals are spacious, we can freely install many large applications and games.

6. Operating System

Another factor that is no less important is the selection of the operating system (Operating System). Without OS, Smartphone will not be able to run and function. For info, Android is the most widely used OS today. So do not be surprised if Android has many versions and variants. Android versions are taken from versions 1.x, 2.x, 3.x and so on. The higher the version, the newer and more feature-rich.

7. Camera

Well, this feature is one of the most mandatory. With the camera we can capture the moment at any time through photos and videos. In terms of camera selection, of course there are tips and guidelines so that later the shots we get are good and maximal according to our expectations.

But of course we have to know our needs first, do we want a camera phone for landscape photos, selfies, photography or ones that are suitable at night? After knowing your needs, you can choose the appropriate specifications.

8. Battery

The battery is the next most important piece of hardware. In choosing a battery, it certainly affects the size of the smartphone. Usually if Android has a large battery, the physical size is also large. But it’s not always a benchmark, after all, there are also many Androids that have large batteries but the design is still slim and sleek. Of course the selection of batteries must also be according to needs.

9. Network Technology

For network technology, of course it is different in each country, so that’s why foreign smartphones usually can’t pick up signals in our country, Indonesia. This can be caused by differences in technology, frequency or the phone is locked by the operator in the country of origin. So in the selection of smartphone network technology must also be careful.

A few articles about Smart Tips Guide to Choosing and Buying a Quality Android Phone. Hopefully the important points above can provide information before you buy the smartphone you want and desire.

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