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Razer stream

Razer stream : Razer, a leading lifestyle brand for gamers, is now presenting a Stream Controller, which is a content creation solution to meet all the needs of content creators. This Stream Controller offers unlimited shortcuts, easy multi-tasking, and instant access to various functions, and there is perfect software support plus easy customization with touches, commands, buttons and more.

Instant and Complete Control for Broadcasts and Content

Streamers and content creators can channel their creativity with the Razer Stream Controller, the software’s user interface is specifically designed for intuitive use and prioritizes multi-tasking and various customization functions. There are 12 haptic switchblade buttons that can be linked with various commands and customizable macro buttons for easy visual navigation of users.

Designed by Loupedeck, making every aspect of this controller customizable, even things like haptic feedback are taken into account by them, this makes this controller has an ideal tactile response. There are 6 analog tactile buttons for direct audio settings that can be used to simplify configuration of audio levels, media and other channels. Creators can also manage all the available features using the touch found on this controller. This controller also has 8 programmable buttons to make it easier for creators to use this controller practically.

“Creation is about going beyond what is possible. That’s been Razer’s main focus with creating stream controllers designed for the creator’s hand,” said Richard Hashim, Head of Razer’s Mobile and Consoles Division. “Through hardware and software, Razer wants the work of creators not to be limited by their devices, but only to their imagination.”

When creators finish their streaming, their work isn’t done there. Streaming content must of course be edited and then published on their social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Razer’s Stream Controller makes it easy for creators by integrating all their commands into workspaces that can be divided into 8 buttons and can be customized for easier access, and multi-gesture support is available for faster and more efficient access.

Streaming and content creation software compatibility with plug-and-play convenience

Razer and Loupedeck have teamed up to combine their expertise in the streaming and content creation industries to deliver an all-in-one software experience specifically for creators. Comes with a design update that is the main highlight, the latest software on this stream controller makes it easy for gamers, content creators and live streamers to fulfill all their needs, on a platform that is easy and according to the way they work.

The Stream Controller is designed and optimized for ease of use, a better device experience, and makes it easy for creators to customize their controller decks according to their needs. Creators can find all the commands they need in a Marketplace, which contains a variety of plugins, profiles, and icons to suit any creator’s needs. there are tools available on the marketplace, with this creators can present their best creations by maximizing various features on this controller to produce various works with just the touch of a button.

The Stream Controller is a compact, customizable stream controller deck that delivers robust performance for broadcast, productivity, and photo and video editing with a user interface that adapts to anyone working in the streaming, editing, design, and system control industries. Creators can enhance their next broadcast and bring out their full creative potential.

Display: 12 Switchblade buttons, 2 LCD screens each side, 6 Tactile Analog Dials, 8 Programmable Buttons.
System Requirements: macOS X 10.14 (onwards), Windows 10, Loupedeck software
Size: 151 x 101.5 x 30.2mm
Weight: 210 g (Stream Controller only), Stand at 216 g (Including detachable Stand)
Connectivity: 2 meter USB-A to USB-C cable
Package Included: Razer Broadcast Controller, 2 Meters USB-A to USB-C Cable, Removable Stand

The Stream Controller will be available in September 2022 priced at $269.99 USD / 269.99€ MSRP or around Rp. 4.050.000,-

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