realme 9 4G Stylish Smartphone that is Impact Resistant

realme 9 4G Stylish

realme 9 4G Stylish : It’s not the time, a stylish smartphone comes at an exorbitant price. As a vendor that always prioritizes leading-edge technology, realme Indonesia tries to present stylish devices in all price classes. Including the realme 9 4G which has a cool design.

Priced at less than IDR 3 million, you can already get a stylish smartphone with a 108MP high resolution triple AI camera setup. Not only that, the chipset used is also one of the latest from Qualcomm, making it much more power efficient. But do you know Gizmo friends that the realme 9 4G is also designed to be durable?

With the pandemic situation already under control, people are now starting to routinely carry out outdoor activities every day. For that, we need a smartphone that is not only easy to carry, but also durable in use. Here are a number of reasons why realme 9 4G can have a very high endurance.

Succeeded Through Extreme Temperature Test

To ensure that the device continues to function normally for many years to come, realme 9 4G has passed a series of physical and functional endurance tests. Provide a more secure sense for users before deciding to buy and use the device. What is the test series like?

Starting from buttons such as pressing the power button 300 thousand times, the volume button 150 thousand times, as well as turning the device on and off up to 4000 times. Not only that, the port section below has also passed the plug-in test up to 20 thousand times, ensuring that it will last even though users will often use the USB-C port on the realme 9 4G.

How about for outdoor use? realme 9 4G has also been tested to function in varying temperatures from -40°C to 75°C for 300 hours. Still coupled with a long-term high temperature (65°C) test and in high humidity for 14 days.

Stronger Screen with Extra Layer

In addition to looking stylish, realme 9 4G is also supported by a superior screen in its class. Use a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel, the refresh rate has reached 90Hz. So that the displayed content will look vibrant with very smooth movements. Can be lit up to 1000 nits, aka safe for outdoor use.

Then what about the durability of the screen? From the manufacturer, every realme 9 4G unit is equipped with a screen protector that is already installed on the front. It doesn’t matter if you remove it, because the glass material has been reinforced by Gorilla Glass 5. It can prevent scratches from everyday use.

Furthermore, the glass panel of the realme 9 4G screen has gone through the microcrack edge casting process. This process prevents micro-cracks in the milling process of glass panels with CNC grinders during production. So as not to cause the screen to break easily when exposed to external forces.

Safe Corner, Splash Resistant

When you have a stylish smartphone, of course it’s a shame if you have to cover it with a soft case that is available in the sales package. Fortunately, the realme 9 4G body surface is designed to be fingerprint resistant, not slippery, and has a Corner Protection Design.

Yes, realme has strengthened the four corners of the body to effectively reduce the risk of the screen being damaged when dropped—reducing the worry when the device falls or is accidentally bumped. Although it does not have a special IP rating, all surfaces on the body have been given a special coating to protect the inside from water.

In other words, the realme 9 4G will remain safe when exposed to splashes or spills of water, as long as it is not used for diving. All of the above durability features have been successfully integrated into a device that weighs 178 grams and is just 7.99mm thick.

Bringing Ripple Holographic Design, the texture of the realme 9 4G back body is inspired by desert light, able to give a three-dimensional wave effect. Interested in buying this stylish and sturdy device?

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