Realme Launches World’s Fastest Magnetic Wireless Charging MagDart

Realme MagDart

realme as the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, today officially launched MagDart as the first magnetic wireless charging solution for Android devices, with the world’s fastest 50W charging capability that will usher in the most anticipated fast charging era.

realme consistently continues to develop the best products for young users around the world, especially with the presence of MagDart as the fastest wireless charging solution. This technology is very reliable, convenient and safe for charging smartphone devices. With the arrival of MagDart, realme is a pioneer in the magnetic wireless charging ecosystem.

“realme continues to be committed to always being a technology trendsetter by presenting MagDart as the first wireless charging solution for Android. This technology is reliable and safer than traditional charging systems, suitable for active and productive young users.

realme Flash, the first android smartphone to support magnetic wireless charging

Along with the launch of MagDart, realme will also present the realme Flash, the first Android smartphone to adopt magnetic fast charging technology and is also compatible with a number of other magnetic charging accessories. realme Flash is equipped with a 4500mAh battery that can be fully charged from 0% – 100% in less than 1 hour or the equivalent of 50W SuperDart charging.

50W MagDart Charger, the world’s fastest magnetic wireless charger

realme MagDart brings a number of flagship features, in addition to having a charging speed with an output of 50W, this wireless charging device is also equipped with an active air cooling system that is able to keep the temperature on the mainboard and body stable.

The cooling system is equipped with a powerful fan that can quickly dissipate hot air, by providing a large quantity of wind into the charger so that it can maintain maximum charging power for a longer time.

15W MagDart Charger, the thinnest magnetic wireless charger

The MagDart 15W is just 3.9mm thick, 26.4% thinner than similar chargers, but with more powerful and faster capabilities, thanks to the separate coil and board design. So the charging pad in this technology is thinner, because it only requires one charging coil. This separates the two heat sources, reducing the potential for overheating and can stabilize the charging power at high power for a longer period of time.

2-in-1 MagDart Power Bank

MagDart power bank and charging source, both can be paired simultaneously and can be used as a single charging package. Smartphones can charge from a power bank and simultaneously the power bank gets power from a charging source. If users need charging on the go, the power bank can be removed and attached to the smartphone. Meanwhile, in terms of design, the power bank uses materials made of white leather and aluminum so that it looks more premium.

MagDart Ecosystem Accessories

In addition, realme also introduces various accessories as a MagDart ecosystem, including the MagDart Beauty Light which is designed to take portrait photos. The device can be easily connected to a smartphone via MagDart and powered via reverse smartphone charging to provide additional light when taking selfies.

Then there’s the MagDart Wallet which can be turned into a mobile phone holder when used to watch movies or make video calls. MagDart Wallet can hold up to three standard-sized cards. Finally, there is the realme GT MagDart Charging Case which allows the realme GT to be compatible with MagDart. The case can connect via the Type-C connector and allows the smartphone to be charged wirelessly via MagDart technology.

The presence of this wireless fast charging technology will make it easier for smartphone users to charge without the need to plug in a cable to recharge the battery. As we know that young people in Indonesia are very productive in using their smartphones, therefore through MagDart realme believes this can help their daily productivity. This indicates that the presence of this technology has good potential and market prospects in Indonesia, therefore realme always presents the leading technological leap for its young users.

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