Removing Android Gadgets Default Apps

Default Apps

When you just buy a gadget, both a smartphone and a tablet PC with the Android operating system, of course, we can see many default applications that have been install. Default Apps But in reality, not all of the default applications are useful for users. Even some applications that are not touch at all, so that the application seems redundant or useless. In addition to making it seem “stuffy”, this application which is also commonly called bloatware will reduce the space on the device’s internal memory so it would be better for us to just throw it away.

But as we know that some default applications can not be deleted or uninstalled easily because they are classified as system apps. But that doesn’t mean we can’t delete them because we really can do it even if it takes a little extra effort. Then how to delete or uninstall the default application on Android gadgets? This is the reason why Android gadgets must be root. Because the main requirement for uninstalling system apps is that the gadget must install applications that require SuperUser or root permissions.

Gadgets Default Apps

Now one application that can uninstall or remove system apps is Link2SD. This application has many advantages including. Being able to move application data to the SD card and delete or uninstall system apps on Android. But I need to remind you, if you mistakenly uninstall a system app (especially one that has a vital role) it’s not impossible that your gadget. Will be damage or malfunction like bootloop, or even brick. So do at your own risk! (at own risk). Make sure you know and understand the function of the application before you intend to delete it. Okay, no need to elaborate anymore, let’s just go to the TKP to see the easy steps. Prepare the tools and materials first:

  • Install the Link2SD application, you can get it on the Google PlayStore
  • Rooted device

 1. Before doing this, make sure the device you are using is root. Because otherwise the application will not be able to uninstall system apps. Okay now open the Link2SD application and look for the default application that if it is useless and you want to get rid of circulation. In the example below I try to select the Timescape Widget application. Click the Actions button located there.

 2. A popup menu will appear as shown in the image below (on the left). Select the uninstall menu and the application will display a warning page as shown below (right) to confirm the removal of the application. Please reconsider whether the application is really you don’t. Need and is really safe to delete before clicking the OK button.

Wait a moment until Link2SD notifies you that the application has been successfully remove. Now do the same for the other apps that you want to remove.

So that’s how to delete system apps on Android using Link2SD. The impact that you can feel after doing this is that the internal memory on your device will be (a little) more relieved than before.

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