Safe and Smart Internet Tips from TikTok

Safe and Smart

Safe and Smart : Accessing various content on the internet is fun, to the point that sometimes someone neglects to maintain data security and privacy in the digital realm. It can lead to harm.

TikTok shares tips for its users to always surf the internet safely and smartly Safe and Smart.

1. Surf wisely

Be careful when connecting your device to a public Wi-Fi network that is not guaranteed to be secure. Always use a strong and unique password for each account. Enable two-step verification to tighten security.

2. Keep privacy

When accessing any social media account or application, always maintain privacy by not sharing personal data or information. For example, TikTok’s easy-to-use privacy and security control features can be applied to customize the online experience.

3. Beware of being provoked

Fraud in the form of phishing often takes its toll, which is a tactic used to steal personal information. Avoid opening, downloading, or clicking on links and attachments from unknown senders.

4. Don’t leave a trace

Update all devices and apps to the latest version and remove unused apps. If the phone or device that you have been using for a long time is for sale, remove all personal data, photos, or videos, then delete all content on the device to be safe.

5. Play, watch and learn together

Downloading apps, watching videos, playing games, or accessing social media can all be done to stay connected with family and friends. Prevent problems from occurring by learning more about the user guide.

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