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Samsung D900

Samsung D900 : The Samsung D900 is the latest addition to the Ultra Slim edition by Samsung. The D900 is the world’s slimmest slider phone. With a thickness of just 12.9 mm, the phone shows an elegant style and the ultra slim phone is uploaded with the best features and comes equipped with a variety if advanced features that makes it one of the best phones available in the global market. The handset has a multihued TFT screen that measures 32 x 42 mm and can be viewed in both the modes- when the handset is in its closed or open position.

The screen helps to provides users with a 240 x 320 pixel screen resolution which gives out an intense, bright and colorful display quality. The handset measures only 12.9mm wide thus making it slim and a user friendly handset for users. The handset weighs 85 grams which is light enough for user to carry and use. By just sliding the phone one can access the innumerable features and functions.

The ultra slim gadget does not compromise on its features. Equipped with the best features the phone has a 3.15 megapixel camera that supports auto focus, flash and guarantees excellent picture and video quality. The phone comes with an in built music player that supports MP3, AAC & ACC+ music formats and plays your favourite songs and enjoy. The phone has a versatility attached to it. Whether it’s the general mass or the business class, the phone has something to offer to all. It caters to the business needs also.

The gadget is has support by office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more tools that helps you from anywhere and at anytime. You can even synchronize your emails and keep in ouch from anywhere. The Samsung D900 comes with a 60 MB Memory Plus MicroSD Memory Card. With a talk time of up to 3.5 hours and a 250 hours standby, the phone comes with a handsfree speaker phone.

A great looker and a great featured phone the phone is here to captivate everyone. Here is the Samsung D900 to cast a spell and it’s a sheer pleasure to get captivated by it. So get yourself a Samsung D900 and indulge yourself in its beauty

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