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Samsung galaxy A22

Samsung Galaxy A22-5G events in Indonesia are getting more and more crowded. Now, users don’t need to spend a big budget to buy a flagship cellphone, because now even entry-level cellphones have provided 5G connections.

For example, such as Samsung which has issued 5G products at affordable prices, namely the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G. The price tag is at Rp. 3,299,000, – (release price).

Consumers can certainly expect cheap 5G phones from brands such as realme, OPPO, or Xiaomi. What was unexpected, apparently a brand as big as Samsung also released a 5G cellphone at a friendly price. In fact, at the time this article was written, the Galaxy A22 5G is the cheapest 5G cellphone you can get in Indonesia.

This automatically invites a lot of attention from gadget activists. What aspects must be sacrificed by this cellphone to be able to have this cheap price tag?

Are specs other than the presence of 5G still made to compete with cheap Chinese cellphones out there? To be able to find out the answer, see the advantages and disadvantages of the following Samsung Galaxy A22 5G!

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A22

Screen : PLS TFT 6.6 inci

Chipset : MediaTek Dimencity 700

Ram : 6GB

Internal memory : 128GB

Camera : 48MP (wide) 5MP (ultrawide) 2MP (depth)

battery : Li-Po 5000 mAh

The advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

Having a low price does not mean that this Samsung 5G cellphone can be underestimated. The proof is that there are several advantages of the Galaxy A22 5G that make it able to compete, as seen in the following points.

1. Powerful Dimensity 700 5G Chipset

Compared to the Galaxy A22 which is a 4G LTE variant, Samsung is arming this 5G variant with a more powerful chipset. The Galaxy A22 5G relies on the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G which has 7nm fabrication, along with the Mali-G57 MC2 graphics processing card.

The Mediatek Dimensity 700 5G was considered a “new item” when the Galaxy A22 5G phone was launched. The chipset was launched in April 2021 and was previously present on the Realme 8 5G.

The Dimensity 700 5G features an octa-core combination consisting of two ARM Cortex A76 (2.2 GHz) and six ARM Cortex A55 (2.0 GHz) cores. To support smartphone performance, the Galaxy A22 5G is equipp with 6GB LPDDR4x Dual Channel RAM which operates at a clock speed of up to 1866 MHz.

Reporting from GSM Arena, the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is present with a Geekbench 5 benchmark score which is quite high in its class, which is 562 points in the single-core test and also 1755 in the multi-core test.

2. Wide Screen Size, 90Hz and Full HD Resolution

For us, cellphones with screen sizes above 6.5 inches can still be consider wide. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G deserves appreciation for presenting a 6.6-inch screen at Full HD Plus 1080p resolution.

The screen is quite increas compar to the Galaxy A22 4G which still uses a 6.4-inch screen and 720p resolution. This way, you can feel a sharper and wider display on the Galaxy A22 5G screen which also features a pixel density of 399 ppi.

Even with an additional 90 Hz refresh rate, making the screen smoother than conventional 60 Hz. Besides being able to make screen transitions smoother when navigating, some games such as Subway Surfer and Temple Run also operate at this 90 Hz refresh rate.

The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G also carries a waterdrop notch design or what is commonly call a waterdrop notch. It tends to be outdat, considering that several other 3 million cellphones already use punch holes. Plus, the bezel on the chin also looks quite thick. Overall, this phone has a body-to-screen ratio of ~82.3%.

3. Comes with a large 5,000 mAh battery

Having a cell phone with a large battery is the desire of many people. The reason is that phones with large capacities can last for a longer duration, such as the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G which offers a non-removable 5,000 mAh Li-Po battery.

The capacity of 5,000 mAh also inhabits the Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE. However, considering that this phone uses a processor with a higher TDP (10 W instead of 5 W) and a screen panel that consumes more power, it seems that the Galaxy A22 5G is not as good as its 4G variant in battery life.

However, we are still amaz by the battery life of this 5G cellphone. Reporting from JagatReview, the cellphone battery only decreases slightly when used to play heavy games. When supporting video playback activities from 100% battery, the device can last for 19 hours 37 minutes until the battery runs out.

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

In addition to the above advantages, the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G also has several drawbacks that you can use as a reference before buying this phone.

1. Have a Heavy Body

Indeed, a comfortable phone to use is a light weight so it won’t make your hands sore quickly. The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G unfortunately has a fairly heavy weight, reaching 203 grams. In the HP 5G competition in the entry-level segment, the Galaxy A22 5G is unable to compete with several competitors such as the Realme 8 5G. Which has a light weight of 185 grams and also the OPPO A55 5G with a weight of 186 grams. For information, the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G also has dimensions of 167.2 mm long, 76.4 mm wide, and 9 mm thick.

2. Still Using TFT Screen

The PLS TFT panel display is Samsung’s signature IPS LCD panel. This is a drawback compar to Super AMOLED, because it doesn’t offer deep contrast ratios and also a more limit brightness level.

Even so, according to JagatReview, this screen panel is still fairly okay when you stare at the screen in the hot sun. The legibility is still quite clear, and when used to watch movies outdoors, it is still quite comfortable.

This is still a drawback considering that many other 3 million cellphones already offer Super AMOLED panels even though they are all still in use.

3. Fast Charging 15 W, Feels Quite Slow

In order to support activities outside the home. all brands are competing to provide fast charging features for each of their products. The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is no exception, which is present with 15 W fast charging.

However, this charging is not the best in the market price of Rp. 3 million, because some phones below it already present up to 33 W of power. You will get a charging duration of more than 2 hours when using a 15 W charger.

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