Samsung’s Nightography the New Mainstay of the Galaxy S22 Series

Samsung's Nightography

Samsung’s Nightography : Samsung provides the Galaxy S22 line with various improvements in the photography sector. One of them by adding a new feature called Nightography.

Technically, the camera support brought by the Galaxy S22 line itself is actually quite capable. Galaxy S22 regular and plus, for example, already pack a 50MP wide lens configuration, Samsung’s Nightography 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP telephoto, and 10MP selfie.

Not to mention the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the camera array contains a wide lens with a resolution of up to 108MP, 12MP ultra-wide, 3x OpticalZoom 10MP telephoto, 10MP OpticalZoom telephoto, and 40MP selfie.

With such a camera configuration, the phones in the Galaxy S22 line can be relied on to take pictures and videos with very good quality. But it seems that Samsung is still not satisfied just like that.

The term Nightography also appears to introduce a brilliant innovation that can help take pictures and videos for the night on the Galaxy S22 line. So what exactly is meant by this new support?

What is Nightography from Samsung

Nightography can be summed up as a combination of software and hardware developed by Samsung to encourage the camera capabilities in its mobile phones to work better in taking pictures and videos at night.

In the Galaxy S22 line, this innovation was carried out, one of them by embedding a 2.4 micron camera pixel sensor which was recorded to be 23 percent larger than the previous generation in order to be able to capture more light.

With more light entering, the resulting image will certainly be clearer, especially since Samsung has also equipped the Galaxy S22 line with intelligent processing to reduce noise (spots) so that photo captures can be more detailed.

Samsung also embeds a new layer of glass for its cellphone camera lens. Called Super Clear Glass and Super Clear Lens, this innovation has a nano-coating with ultra-low reflection which is said to reduce flare when taking pictures.

Combined with Adaptive Pixel technology that is able to detect ambient light conditions and Detail Enhancer to increase sharpness at high resolutions, Samsung mobile cameras can also be smarter in handling shooting both day and night.

Meanwhile, to handle video at night, Samsung has also increased the Auto Framerate feature which is claimed to be able to adjust the fps and shutter speed to the surrounding conditions to produce better lighting and detail.

To boost low light video capabilities, Samsung’s Super Night Resolution technology was also developed to reduce noise in every frame so that recordings can produce clear and quality viewing.

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