Samsung Secret Features That Are Not Widely Known

Samsung Secret Features

Samsung Secret Features That Are Not Widely Known, Android smartphones are things that are commonly owned by people lately, one of which is a Samsung brand smartphone. Where Samsung has long made Android phones with high quality in all lines.

With the quality of the Samsung cellphones that are brought, many people are reluctant to change from the famous Korean brand. Although there are many old Samsung cellphone users who don’t know that Samsung also has several features that not many people know about.

Samsung Secret Features That Are Not Widely Known

Samsung’s own secret features include entertainment features to security features for users and the smartphone itself. Secret features on Samsung cellphones must be known by you Samsung cellphone users.

It is said to be a secret because many Samsung Android users do not know that this feature exists. For you Samsung users, both old and new, you really need to know this important information, here are some secret features of Samsung cellphones that you must know.

1. Auto Night Mode

Many of you already know this feature, but needs to include this feature because not many people know about it. You can find this feature in the latest Samsung user interface, One Ui 01 and above.

With this feature the cellphone screen will follow at night it will be dark mode. Besides being good for the eyes, this feature is very good for smartphones because it will save the battery consumption of the smartphone itself.

To use this feature, you can enter the settings menu on the Samsung cellphone, later you will find this menu and then activate it as needed, don’t forget to set the clock as you want. This feature will automatically make the smartphone theme black.

2. Secure Folder

For those of you who want privacy in certain applications, this feature is the answer to maintaining the privacy of smartphone users. This application is very suitable for users who use multiple applications such as dual wa.

In addition, this application is also suitable for protecting important applications such as banking applications on your cellphone. To use this feature, you only need to access the Biometrics and Security menu followed by selecting Secure Folder. Then you just have to follow the steps that have been suggested.

3. Quick-Open Notification Panel

The Quick-Open Notification Panel will make the Samsung cellphone with just one swipe already know the incoming notification. Without having to wipe all the top of this smartphone, you can get complete notifications on the smartphone.

For the latest One UI users, this feature will already be there by default so you don’t need to make any more settings. With this feature, you don’t have to bother swiping from top to bottom to find notifications on your smartphone.

4. Navigation Gesture

This feature will make the navigation at the bottom disappear so you can activate it by swiping slightly up. This feature reminds us of the features of the iPhone which also have something in common.

With this feature you will see that the smartphone screen feels wider because the navigation buttons at the bottom of the smartphone screen have been removed. A more spacious screen display is suitable for those of you who are often disturb by this feature when watching videos or playing games.

5. One Hand Mode

As time goes by, some of the latest Samsung cellphones come with increasingly wider screens, this is certainly very good for a variety of user entertainment content. But some people certainly don’t like this because the smartphone becomes difficult to operate with one hand.

Knowing this, Samsung has equipped this smartphone with a one-handed operating mode feature. You can look for the One-handed mode menu in the settings to reduce the smartphone screen size visually.

6. Trash

Trash is a secret feature that very few Samsung users know about even using this cool feature. This feature will have the ability to save deleted images.

But you need to know that the image store in the Trash menu will be automatically delete permanently for 15 days by the system from the HP. Well, this feature will be very useful if you accidentally delete an important image or photo in your Samsung cellphone gallery.

7. Turn off the ringtone by turning the phone over

A small feature that has important benefits on Samsung phones is one of them turning off ringtones by turning the phone over. This feature is perfect for those of you who are meating without the hassle of turning off your smartphone or turning it into silent mode.

To activate this feature, you only need to go to the Settings menu, then continue Advanced Features, then Quiet Easily. It’s very simple to open, all the latest Samsung cellphones are also equipp with this feature.

8. Hiding default apps

If you feel disturbed by the various default smartphone applications that feel quite annoying and rarely used. To use this feature, you only need to enter the settings menu.

How to use this feature is the three dots on the right side of the phone continue with Change after that Then select the application you want to hide Done. It’s quite easy and can be applied to all Samsung phone.

Well, those are some samsung secret features that are not widely known.

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