How to Set a Smartwatch Clock Before it’s Ready to Use

Set a Smartwatch Clock

Set a Smartwatch Clock Before it’s Ready to Use, Every year, there are always new innovations issued from watch brands. No exception, smart watches alias smartwatch. So, if you’re curious about what a smartwatch looks like, how to set a smartwatch clock, and what are smartwatch recommendations, read on in this article to find out.

What is a Smartwatch?

Like a smartphone, a smartwatch is also a device that has many functions and is considered “smart” because it has many functions. Yep, instead of just being used to show the time, these smartwatches can be used for various purposes such as tracking fitness, knowing the weather, and even listening to music.

Even though it sounds sophisticated and modern, actually these smartwatches have been invented since the 1970s. Precisely in 1972, the Hamilton watch company released the Pulsar Time Computer watch which sold for USD 2100. Naturally, this watch was covered in 18-karat gold and cost the price of a new car at the time.

Uniquely, only 400 were produced and all were sold by the end of the first year of release, making the Hamilton Watch Company one of the most successful companies of its time.

How to Set a Smartwatch Clock Before it’s Ready to Use

Even though it’s called a “smart” watch, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to know how to set a smartwatch clock. These hours still need to be set before you can use them to the fullest. No need to worry, how to set a smartwatch clock is generally easy and you are guaranteed to understand after reading this article.

 Connect Smartwatch with Mobile

To use a smartwatch, it is highly recommended that you start by downloading your smartwatch application via the cellphone that you are using. Wear OS for Android or the “Fitbit” app for the Fitbit watch collection. You can consult the manual or instructions that came with your smartwatch to find out which app you need to download to start setting up your smartwatch.

After downloading the application, make sure the Bluetooth connection on your cellphone is on. Later, your cellphone and smartwatch will be connected via Bluetooth. Look under the “available devices” or “device available” section of the bluetooth settings and connect your smartwatch.

Done, now your the clock that appears on your smartwatch screen will automatically adjust to the clock on your cellphone.

 Using the Smartwatch Application

The smartwatch application can be regarded as an all-in-one application for managing your smartwatch. To reading all activities that have been recorded while you are using the smartwatch.

 Using Smartwatch Features

Besides functioning to show the clock, there are many things that make this digital watch known as a smartwatch. Starting from showing the weather, navigation screen, music settings, heart rate detection, and your sports activity. You can access it through your smartwatch screen. You can simply slide your smartwatch screen to access other menus.

The rest, your smartwatch will work with your cellphone to run these features. Like media players and maps that you can access via your cellphone or activity tracking records. Sleep quality that you can access through the smartwatch application that you have downloaded. Make sure your bluetooth is always connected to use these features.

That’s how to set a smartwatch clock before it’s ready for use. The smartwatch pairing process with a smartphone is required first. Smart watches will help user activities become more practical and minimalist. Hopefully the information above is useful and good luck.

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