Signs of Gadget Addiction and Effects and How to Overcome Them

Signs of Gadget Addiction

Signs of Gadget Addiction – Signs of gadget addiction are often not realized by many people. Moreover, nowadays smartphones have become a major need and cannot be separated from everyone’s daily life. You definitely need a smartphone to do work or just for entertainment.

It can be seen how nowadays everyone carries a gadget. Having a gadget does make it easier for a person to do various activities, but this can also have various bad effects. Gadget addiction can make people sometimes forget the time, place, and circumstances around them.

The Bad Effects of Gadget Addiction

Before recognizing the various characteristics of gadget addiction, maybe you need to know some of the bad effects of gadget addiction for physical and mental health. Here are some bad effects of gadget addiction that you need to be aware of:

1. Having Eye Disorders

Too long staring at the gadget screen can make the eyes experience various disorders. Smartphone or gadget addicts can experience tired eyes, dry eyes, and impaired vision.

2. Pain in Certain Body Parts

People who are addicted to gadgets often don’t realize that their necks often bend and their fingers don’t stop typing on their screens. This makes you susceptible to neck pain, shoulder pain, and pain in the fingers and wrist.

Keep in mind, the gadget screen is a nest of millions of germs. This is reinforced by a study which states that E. coli bacteria that cause diarrhea are most commonly found in gadgets.

3. Lack of sleep

Gadget addicts are not infrequently willing to stay up late to do various activities with their gadgets. This reduces the quality and time of sleep. This sleep deprivation problem can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. In addition, due to lack of sleep, gadget addicts will find it difficult to concentrate and experience fatigue throughout the day. This can increase the risk of injury or accident while working or driving.

4. Bad Effects on Psychology

Psychological problems that often occur in people who are addicted to gadgets are becoming more irritable and panicky, stressed, often feel lonely because they spend hours without socializing with other people, which can increase the risk of depression and anxiety disorders, difficulty focusing or concentrating while studying or working, to experiencing problems in social relationships, whether with family, friends, coworkers, or partners.

Signs of Gadget Addiction

Signs of gadget addiction can vary. From children to adults can experience this one problem. Especially with the use of gadgets that can facilitate you in various activities.

You can be said to be addicted to gadgets if most of your time is spent using gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets. Here are the characteristics of gadget addiction that you need to be aware of:

  • Can’t control the urge to use gadgets.
  • Always prioritize gadgets over social life.
  • Regardless of the duration of gadget use.
  • Often feel uncomfortable if you don’t hold the gadget.
  • Feeling objected or reluctant if you don’t hold the gadget, even if only for a moment.
  • Often use gadgets at mealtime.
  • Often checks status or uploads on gadgets in the middle of the night.
  • Spend a lot of time tweeting on Twitter, replying to statuses on Facebook, or sending emails using gadgets as a form of communication to others.
  • Playing gadgets more often than doing other productive things.
  • Prefer to play with gadgets instead of completing schoolwork or office work

Those are some signs of gadget addiction that you need to recognize. If you experience various characteristics of gadget addiction, immediately avoid these habits. Ask others for help if you can’t do it yourself.

How to Overcome Gadget Addiction

After knowing some of the characteristics of gadget addiction, you certainly need action to overcome it.
Regulate and Limit the Use of Gadgets Every Day

Set and limit the use of gadgets, for example a maximum of two or three hours a day. If work requires you to use gadgets, then try to find other activities that don’t use gadgets after work.

 1. Delete App

One of the things that makes you addicted to gadgets is the application in it, one of which is social media. For those of you who want to get rid of the habit of fiddling with your smartphone, try to delete some social media applications that often bother you to keep opening them.

In addition to social media applications, a number of game titles on the device can also be considered for deletion. This method doesn’t mean you can’t use social media or play games, but this way you can learn to be wise in using it.

 2. Practice Smartphone Free Time

You have to limit yourself in the use of gadgets. Moreover, when at the dining table, bathroom, reading a book or even while watching a movie. Try implementing a ‘Smartphone Free’ time where you are completely detached from your smartphone device and focus on what you are doing.

It’s easy, you just need to activate Airplane Mode on your smartphone while you’re working, or when doing other important activities. Try doing this for a few hours a day, until you get rid of your addiction.

 3. Turn Off All Notifications

Another way that can be done is to turn off all notifications from social networking applications installed on your smartphone. If the reason for turning off notifications can make you lose contact with important people such as mom, dad, wife, husband or anything that smells like work, you can still choose the option to turn off notifications for which apps are disabled.

Sometimes, annoying notifications come mostly from social networking apps. Maybe you can turn off those social network notifications so they don’t get triggered to open what’s going on on the social network.

 4. Turning Off Gadgets 1 Hour Before Sleeping

Usually, someone will play their gadget before going to bed. Not infrequently this habit actually makes it difficult for them to sleep. If you want to avoid the bad habit of playing gadgets too often and want better sleep, you can start by turning off the gadget 30 minutes or 1 hour before bed.

 5. Replace Gadgets with Books

Today’s reading culture has been abandoned by many people. They prefer to read anything that is in cyberspace than reading books. To overcome this, try to bring a book. In this way, if you have a spare chance, you prefer to read books rather than being crazy about gadgets.

The tips above can also be applied to children at home so that this habit does not interfere with their learning activities and academic achievement. To reduce and signs of gadget addiction, discipline is needed. However, it is important to maintain the health and safety of yourself and others.

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