Smart Accessories to Optimize Your Home Office

Smart Accessories to Optimize

Smart Accessories to Optimize : Back to school doesn’t just mean new gear for the kids. Now is a perfect time to outfit your home office with the latest smart devices to make your work day more relaxing, rewarding and efficient.

From multi-device mouses to climate-controlled chairs, we’ve identified a number of gadgets that will immediately elevate your work from home experience.

Logitech MX Master 3S

Anyone who has to use multiple machines for work can tell you the annoyance that is multiple mice. Leave that headache in the past and instantly upgrade to a power user with the MX Master 3S from Logitech.

This multi-device mouse features an elegant, ergonomic design, Quiet Clicks technology and an 8,000 DPI sensor—but what really separates this beauty is how it transitions between your devices, which is to say, seamlessly. Unlike most other multi-device mouses which require the user to assign specific computers, tablets, etc.

to specific buttons on the mouse, which are then clicked to switch devices (the MX Master has this option as well), 3S users can simply drag their cursor to the edge of their screen and it will automatically hop to the next aligned device—regardless of make or operating system. The MX Master 3S runs for 70 days on full charge and comes with a USB-C charging port that makes keeping the mouse powered a simple proposition.

Apple AirPods Max

Tired of the audio delay in your wireless headphones when on video calls? Or the tangle and limited reach of your wired headphones? Or worse yet, the cacophonous mess that is no headphones at all? Invest in the Apple AirPods Max and you’ll immediately make all the meetings you attend about a million times better.

Equipped with Apple’s signature high-fidelity audio, the AirPods Max will provide you with an unbeatable listening experience—but where they really shine, at least from a work perspective, is in their noise-canceling technology and microphones.

The Max uses six outward-facing microphones to detect the sounds of your surroundings and two inward-facing microphones to measure what you are hearing. And these eight mics work in conjunction to eliminate any extraneous noise. Furthermore, beamforming microphones isolate and capture your voice whenever you speak, making sure you can be heard but the racket your dog (or kids) are making in the background can’t. It doesn’t hurt that they look quite stylish too.

X-Tech Executive With Elemax

A quality chair can make all the difference between a good work day and an awful work day, and with the X-Tech Executive it’s nothing but blue skies. Taking the ergonomic, lumbar-supporting look you know and love, the X-Tech Executive offers hours of comfort that will have you focused on the task at hand and not steadily building back pain. But quality support is just the start for this one-of-a-kind office chair.

The X-Tech Exec also features built-in dual fans to keep you cool, a built-in heading pad for when temperatures drop, and four different massage modes of varying intensity, for when the day has just become too stressful. All that, and rubberized red blade wheels that roll smoothly on any surface.

The Edge Light

Tired of looking like an extra from a horror movie in all your Zoom calls? Stop hunting for the Blair Witch with the Edge Light from LumeCube. This clamp mounted desk light looks like something from a Hollywood production and will light you just as well.

Featuring a seven-layer LED lamp structure, complete with a cooling shield. Softening lens and diffuser, the Edge Light will make sure you are expertly lit. While also going easy on your eyes.

And with five adjustable pivot points. Including a 360-degree rotating base and 270-degree rotating head, the versatile light source is perfect for any desk set up. The Edge Light also includes built-in USB-A and USB-C charging ports to help you keep your many. Devices powered and swipeable controls that make activating and adjusting the lamp a breeze.

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