Cool Future Smart Home Gadgets

Smart Home Gadgets

Cool future smart home gadgets, this smart home gadget is one of the current trends in technological developments. Which nowadays gadgets and the internet can provide the ability to make home devices smarter.

Now everything can be easier, your house will be like a house that uses advanced technology. Only using control via a cellphone or using only voice, everything will run automatically. To realize a smart home, homeowners don’t need to be able to do complicated programming. The reason is that there are gadgets for smart homes that people can use.

Gadget List for the Smart Home Gadget of the Future

Having gadgets for smart home gadget will help residents do many things easily. Even the price to reach some equipment like that is quite affordable. In addition, people will be able to control these gadgets from only one channel. Namely via a smartphone with voice commands. For example turning off the lights, weather information, setting music, and so on.

Here are some lists of gadgets that can turn your home into a smart home gadgets. Maybe some of the following list you’ve ever had.

1. Mini Projector

Watching movies is a way to entertain yourself from various busy things. You don’t have to go to the movies to do this. Now there are many ways to watch movies easily from home.

It can even be in the style of a mini cinema, namely using a mini projector. Unlike the existing projectors in general, this mini projector is more practical. The price is also affordable, starting from hundreds of thousands of rupiah on the marketplace.

Even the picture quality is also quite good. For those of you who are tired of watching on your cell phone, you can try buying this mini projector. It can also be integrated with tabs, laptops, and more.

2. Mug Warmer for Coffee, Tea and More

Drinking coffee when it’s warm is indeed delicious, especially while working/relaxing. But of course the coffee in the glass/mug will not last long in the hot temperature.

If you leave it in the open air, the coffee will cool down. Of course some people will find it less enjoyable and less effective for drowsiness. Now there is a mug warmer that can warm up coffee/tea/other drinks. With this tool, today’s humans make it easier to do many things. This smart home gadget is quite useful, especially for boarding house kids.

3. Portable Bluetooth speakers

Now almost everyone likes to listen to music. Whether it’s a hobby or just to accompany their work. Lots of music that soothes and makes activities more uplifting, so you need to have this tool.

Portable bluetooth speakers have a longer battery life and clear sound. Can help to listen to music. So there is no need to use earphones/headsets to listen to music. Using a portable Bluetooth speaker, users only need to connect it to their cellphone/laptop. So you can listen to music together with friends.

4. Smart Light Switch

Today’s lamps are not only limited to lighting devices. But also as a tool to help improve the mood in the room. One company that produces quality lamps is Philips. This company makes technological products that provide solutions from light functions. For example, Philips Hue is a smart lamp whose lighting can be controlled via a smartphone.

So that the brightness can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. Apart from that, there are also models of smart lights that you can automatically turn on and turn off only from your cellphone, so you don’t have to walk towards the switch.

5. Dimmable Desk Lamp

Ever seen a lamp that can do its job with just a touch? Now many people find it in online stores. A desk lamp model that can help accompany your night work. For table lamp models like this, you can do dimming and lighting according to your needs. Besides that, it is also useful as a decoration because it has a beautiful appearance.

6. Smart Vacuum Cleaner

The process of cleaning the house is simpler and more practical. It could even be more affordable. The next smart home gadget is a smart vacuum cleaner that can help clean the house easily. No need to be afraid of getting tired in the middle of a busy schedule. Using a smart vacuum one can find his house clean without the need to carry out the cleaning process.

Let the vacuum cleaner work to clean the dirt and do the floor mopping all at once. So it is more efficient because automatically everything can be resolved easily.

7. Smart Lock

Now locking the house no longer uses a manual key. As in hotels, they have implemented a smart lock to lock the door. So the user only needs to memorize the password to lock and unlock the door.

Even this smart gadget is more durable than using a manual key. In addition, the level of security is also high and difficult for foreigners to access. Apart from using a code, the smart lock can also be accessed using other methods. Such as fingerprint access, codes on magnetic cards, or other types of variations. Easy isn’t it? Well, you can try this item to make a smart home.

8. August Smart Lock Pro

Using a variety of smart home devices can help ensure security. This service is similar to the previous smart lock but the model is different. One of the good quality security products is the August Smart Lock Pro. More precisely, it is a smart key that uses wifi support for its performance process. So that users can lock and open the door more easily. It can even arrange anyone to open the door remotely.

9. Google Home Hub/Google Nest Hub

Previously the name was Google Home Hub, but now it has changed to Google Nest Hub. It would be perfect if users put it in a place like kitchen or bedroom. The information that Google Nest Hub provides is quite complete. So users can use voice to perform commands. For example, if you want to know weather information, the Nest Hub will provide more detailed information such as videos. Likewise with other information such as news, alarms, photos, and cooking steps from Youtube. Very helpful, right?

10. Nest Thermostat

It is a smart home gadget that can help regulate room temperature with an application. Even if the owner is not at home, you can still manage it via a smartphone. Interestingly without using commands, this tool will automatically adjust the temperature according to environmental conditions. As well as conducting an introduction to the habits of users in using the tool.

In addition, this tool can also be controlled by users through smart speakers. For example, like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and so on. So it will save more electricity and users will find it more practical. Having a smart home is certainly commonplace in the future, and maybe the majority of people use it. Technological sophistication is getting here, it is increasingly having an impact on humans.

So, those are some cool future smart home gadgets!

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