Smart Oven The Breville BOV800xl

Smart Oven The Breville

 Smart Oven The Breville : The Breville BOV800xl Smart Oven is the ultimate advance in toaster oven design.

As the name suggests, the oven really is very smart. It has a heating system called Element IQ which allows the oven to adjust the power level to match what is needed. This means no wasted energy and food cooked to perfection..

The Breville BOV800xl Element IQ has been described as being similar to a dimmer switch as it can turn the power up pr down as needed. In a standard oven the elements would be of a fixed wattage but the Smart Oven is able to direct the power to where it is needed at any given time

This oven heats up faster than a conventional oven too which is great when you come in hungry and want something to eat with a minimum of delay.

Other Design Features Of The Breville BOV800xl

Firstly the oven is sturdily built being made from reinforced stainless steel. It has a power capacity of no less than 1800 watts. The interior of the oven is non stick and has a capacity of four-fifths of a cubic foot.

To Make Life Simple The Smart Oven has nine preset functions –

  • toast
  • bake
  • bagel
  • roast
  • broil
  • pizza
  • cookies
  • reheat
  • warm

Power is sent only to the upper elements if you are broiling. When you use the toast function both upper and lower elements are activated.

When using the bake function top and bottom elements are used plus the convection fan so that your food cooks thoroughly and evenly.

You Can Adjust The Breville Smart Oven’s Preset Functions

Should you decide after trying them that any of the preset functions isn’t giving you the exact results that you want you can very easily adjust any of them to taste. What’s more the oven will remember those adjustments for the next time you use that setting. Meaning that you don’t have to adjust the setting each time you use that function.

Ease Of Use

The Breville Smart Oven is very simple and straightforward to use. It has push buttons and a backlit display.

There are three positions for the oven rack. There is also a wire rack which can be automatically ejected to half way out of the oven so that hot items can be removed more safely.

Some Additional Accessories For the Breville BOV800xl

There are a few extras you can get to go with the Smart oven which are by no means essential but which are designed to fit the oven’s inner dimensions.

Breville Smart Oven Pizza Stone

There is a specially designed pizza stone available for the BOV800xl. It helps to maintain a constant baking temperature so that your pizza is crisp, golden and perfect. Just heat the stone up in the Breville Smart Oven for about fifteen minutes before using.

Although designed as an accessory for the Smart Oven it can in fact be used in any conventional oven too.

Breville Smart Oven Non-Stick Pizza Crisper

Another gadget to help you get the perfect pizza! This is a 13 inch non-stick pizza crisper which although designed for the Smart Oven can be used in any conventional oven too.

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