Smart Scale for Measuring Your Lifestyle Changes

Smart Scale for Measuring

Smart Scale for Measuring : “People nowadays are such narcissists!”. How many times have you heard this friendly little remark lately? And yes, TV shows, particularly those debating nutrition themes, and even lunch with your coworkers count. There seems to be a new trend nowadays: if you are on a diet and, Heaven forbid, you make the mistake of admitting it in public, you will automatically get a stigma meant to let the world know you are a self absorbed shallow ego-maniac. In other words, a narcissist!

The narcissistic personality disorder is a medical reality and no one will argue that. According to psychologists, this is a condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, extreme self-involvement, and lack of empathy for others. The people suffering from this disorder tend to be arrogant, self-assured and confident. It is not unusual for successful individuals to be considered narcissistic. However, specialists say, narcissistic personality disorder is diagnosed only when characteristic behavior is persistent and becomes distressing.

But, let’s make things clear: trying to look your best, taking care of your body and particularly, of your heath, does not make you a narcissist. Doing your best in order to find agreeable the image reflected in your bathroom mirror is perfectly normal and it certainly is not a sign of any kind of personality disorder.

One of the biggest esthetic problems modern man confronts is related to body weight.

It is particularly commons in women (thank you, skinny top models!) but men are not strangers to this issue either. In their attempt to fix overweight, individuals have the tendency of making several mistakes by adopting extreme solutions. There is a great variety of such wrong solutions. And they vary from starving yourself to eating the famous cabbage soup. Such measures only help you gain even more weight after the short term diet is over (experienced taught us that the fridge is the first stop when escaping those restrictions).

The first step, after deciding to make such a lifestyle change is consulting a nutritionist. It can not fail. And, just as important, buy a good bathroom scale. You may not like what it tells you the first time but nowadays there are some really smart such gadgets. That will prove to be of great help since they calculate your IBM. They have a fat indicator, a muscle indicator and even a water indicator.

With such a toy in your bathroom you will be able to keep track of your progress and the fact that they will preserve in their memory the numbers resulted from your last 4 to ten weightings will motivate you to go on. And on, and on… Until you will like what the mirror (and the scale) shows you.

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