Smart Tips for Choosing an Internet Provider When WFH

Smart Tips for

Smart Tips for : The corona virus pandemic or Covid-19 requires everyone to implement health protocols. One of them is through the work from home (WFH) policy. This activity has now become a new culture and requires adequate supporting facilities, namely the internet network.

With the need for an internet data connection, especially when doing activities at home, intelligence is needed in choosing internet services.

The selection of the right internet provider and according to needs, also determines the comfort when undergoing WFH. Here are some things to consider when choosing an internet provider.

First, speed. Make sure the required speed matches that provided by the internet provider. For example, a provider has a speed of 20 Mbps and you use it to various gadgets, the speed of 20 Mbps will be distributed to several gadgets.

This does not mean, you have to choose a provider that offers the most bandwidth. In choosing a service, you need to know how much speed you need.

Second, stability. Make sure the internet provider that we will use is stable in the location we want. Imagine if we are in the middle of a zoom meeting and our network suddenly slows down because it is unstable, then the meeting will be hampered.

Third, customer service. Make sure you can contact customer service easily and smoothly. Because so far there is no internet network that is 100 percent without a hitch. There must be times when there are distractions. Make sure the customer service provider is easy to contact and can really help.

Smart Tips for After knowing what factors need to be considered, we can choose the internet service that suits our needs.

For those who are still WFH and need an internet network, there is a new one to meet current internet needs called Wifi Republic.

The CEO of Wifi Republic, Firman Raditya, said that Wifi Republic provides special internet needs for customers who need fast, stable and high mobility internet.

“Previously, Wifi Republic has proven itself to be a service provider for travelers who need stable internet when abroad,” he said.

This is proven by being the best overseas internet service provider and having the highest satisfaction rating, currently Wifi Republic provides fast internet with a stable network for WFH needs.

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