Smartpen For Smart Students

Smartpen For Smart Students

Smartpen For Smart Students : Whether you are a college student or a professional that attends countless meetings and interviews, there is one little gadget that you can’t afford to miss – the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen!

What does the life of an average student consist of?

Well, apart from the wild weekends and even wilder parties, the college students have to go to classes and listen to super-smart professors, who are determined to feed them massive amounts of new information in the shortest time period possible. And if you have ever went to college, you sure remember sitting in lecture halls and struggling to write down everything that was said. Now you can put an end to that struggle with the help of a small device that has been around for quite some time, but not everyone has noticed yet – the Smartpen!

What is a Smartpen and what can it do for you?

The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is something that is slightly larger than a normal pen. And can be used for taking notes, but is also capable of recording audio. And actually linking the audio to everything that you have put in ink. It uses special dot paper, which you write on. And later you can just tap any of the words or the drawings in your notebook and the pen will automatically replay. Everything that was said at the time of writing that note. And if that is not enough, it also captures everything that you write as well. So apart from having it in your notebook, you can connect your Smartpen to a computer or laptop. Upload your notes, organize them anyway you want to and even search for specific words.

When you register your Livescribe Pulse Smartpen, you are given free web space as. Well that you can use to upload your notes, share them with the whole community. Or share them privately by emailing a link to your notes only to your friends and colleagues. Depending on the model that you purchase, the Smartpen can store up to 400 hours of recordings!

All that sounds great, but how easy are they to use in a real-life situation?

Let’s assume that you went to class, where your professor tried his best to explain to you Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and all you did was to write down the important keywords with your Smartpen. You open your notebook five days later and you remember absolutely nothing. Then you tap with the tip of the pen on the word “physiological” and the. Smartpen starts playing everything that your professor was saying about the physiological needs. You do the same with the rest of your notes and all of sudden everything becomes crystal clear!

Even though this smart device can make the life of a college student easier. Other professionals like lawyers, doctors, and business people can put it to good use as well. In fact, it is a great gadget to have, no matter what you do!

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