Signs Of a Smartphone Being Attacked By a Virus

Smartphone attacked by virus

Smartphone attacked by virus-Viruses are one of the most dangerous threats. Not only in humans and animals, some electronic devices such as cellphones can also be infected with viruses.

Of course viruses that attack living things and HP are different. There are several types of viruses that can harm your cellphone and even hack your personal data. Therefore you should be aware of what you use and we install on your cellphone. It could be that applications or data that you install and get from unclear sources can harm your cellphone.

Signs Of a Smartphone Attacked By Virus

Smartphone attacked by virus

1. Gosh Touch.

Gosh Touch is a condition where your cellphone screen moves or even opens an application randomly without you pressing it. Gosh Touch can’t always be identified as a virus on your cellphone, because it could be that your cellphone screen is damaged. But you still need to be aware of the virus that causes Gosh Touch.

2. There are many annoying ads.

Initially on your cellphone there were not many ads, but suddenly after installing an application or downloading data from an untrusted source, it turned out to be the other way around? Has your cellphone changed to display a lot of annoying ads?

You can suspect that it is caused by a virus that attacks your cellphone. Some viruses that attack cellphones provide advertisements that you may click accidentally and cause your cellphone to have problems or the worst possibility is data hacking.

3. The battery runs out quickly.

Not only attacking data, viruses also affect battery consumption on your cellphone. If previously your cellphone had a high battery life, but after you installed an application from a less reliable source your cellphone became wasteful of battery, it could be an indicator of a virus.

Viruses that exist on cellphones tend to consume a lot of battery to access your cellphone data. Therefore, you need to check again whether your battery drain is caused by a virus or not.

4. HP becomes slow.

Viruses can also interfere with HP performance which you can feel when running applications. Some viruses can affect the performance of your cellphone which in turn causes errors and of course will damage your cellphone.

Maybe in some cases the decrease in performance that you feel is not too severe, but in most cases it also has an impact on the HP infected with the virus.

5. Installed the application automatically.

If there are several or even many applications that are automatically install on your cellphone without you knowing it, it could be that the application was installed because of a virus that attack your cellphone.

With the application install on your cellphone automatically, not only your data can be hack, but virus makers also benefit from the applications install on your cellphone.

6. Data usage is wasteful and runs out quickly.

One of the factors that affect the spread of a virus on a cellphone is the use of data or internet access that is us to open websites or download applications whose source is not clear.

If you feel that your internet usage is wasteful even though you don’t use many applications, you can suspect that your internet data waste is caus by an attacking virus.

7. There is a suspicious SMS or call.

If on your cellphone there are several suspicious SMS or calls, you can be aware of this as a virus that attacks your cellphone. If you reply to an SMS or pick up a phone call that comes into your cellphone, it could be that the SMS and the call are intend to hack the data you have.

8. A cellphone that turns off automatically when making a call.

Not only sending SMS and calls suspiciously, viruses can also interfere with your calls by turning off your cellphone automatically.

Of course with this interference, your activities in making calls will be disrupt. Therefore you need to be careful when your cellphone turns off automatically when you are on a call.

9. Boot process is long.

When turning on the cellphone, you will wait until the boot process is complete. One of the signs that your cellphone is infect with a virus is the length of the boot process carri out by your cellphone.

As previously explained that viruses can interfere with the performance of HP, Booting is one of the affected. By slowing down the boot process, it will take you longer to be able to use HP.

10. Interrupted browsing activities.

When you are looking for data on the internet, you will come across several advertisements that distract you from what you are looking for. It can also be identifi as a virus on the website you are using. Although not always, some websites have been infect with viruses that will interfere with your activities when browsing.

How to deal with viruses that attack Smartphone

If your cellphone has already been expos to a virus, there is no need to worry. You can do some of these ways to get rid of the virus on your cellphone.

1. Uninstall suspicious applications

If on your cellphone there is a suspicious application, immediately uninstall the application. Because it could be that the suspicious application is the source of the virus on your cellphone. Don’t forget that before uninstalling the application, you block all access requested by the application.

2. Clear cache and downloads

Apart from uninstalling apps, you also need to clear cache and downloads. Not only data, but also applications that you download or download from less trusted sources. It could be that the application or data you downloaded contains a hidden virus.

3. Do not use web browsers or suspicious applications

Some websites have also been infect with viruses that can harm your cellphone. Therefore, it would be better if you avoid using the web or application. Thus the risk of your cellphone being attack by a virus will be even less.

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