Smartphone Care Tips for Gamers

Smartphone care tips

Smartphone care tips for gamers, The game industry in Indonesia is currently experiencing growth. One of the reasons for the high growth of this industry is the ease with which games can be access only via a cell phone. Along with this, a variety of special gaming cellphones are also present to meet the needs of gamers.

By using a special gaming cellphone, of course, it will bring more experience when playing games. The reason is, this cellphone is designed with specifications and performance that is suitable for gaming. Even so, the use of gaming cellphones must be balanced with proper care.

Of course, this does not only apply to special gaming cellphones. All cellphones that are usually played for games, need to be balanced with maintenance so that your cellphone can be durable and not easily damaged. If you often use your cellphone to play games and so that your cellphone can last longer, you should consider the following tips on caring for your cellphone.

Smartphone Care Tips for Gamers

Here’s how to smartphone care tips for gamers so they last.

1. Do not play games while charging the phone

When playing games, avoid while charging. Even though the game being played is exciting, you should stop first and let the cellphone battery charge first. The reason is, playing games while charging will only shorten battery life and can lead to cellphone damage.

2. Use the original charger

An original charger that matches the brand and type of cellphone, of course, is design in such a way so that it can become the main charger for the main power source. Using an original charger will also keep the cellphone from being damag quickly. This is because the original charger is able to guarantee that the quantity of power that enters the battery is in accordance with the battery capacity. In order for your cellphone to last longer, you should avoid using KW chargers that have the potential to damage the battery.

3. Do not use the phone until the battery is empty

One habit that is consider trivial but has the risk of shortening battery life is letting the battery drop to 0%. To avoid battery damage, you should not use the phone until the battery is empty. Effort while playing games, the battery condition is more than 50%. That way you can also play games safely without worrying about running out of power quickly.

4. Update or update applications and operating systems (OS)

So that your cellphone can run faster, then don’t miss operating system updates and application updates. These updates aim to fix bugs, fix security issues, improve performance, and change new features.

5. Keep the phone away from magnetic fields

In order for the cellphone to last, avoid placing or playing the cellphone close to a magnetic field. The reason is, the magnetic field will reduce the sensitivity of the smartphone’s touch screen. Apart from the magnetic field, keep your cell phone away from other electronic items. To keep the performance of the cellphone durable and maximum.

6. Use cases and screen protectors

Of course, the body and screen of the cellphone need to be taken care of properly. Therefore, you can use cases and screen protectors to reduce the damage that occurs when your cellphone is dropp or bump. Because, the collision can cause hardware damage to the cellphone.

7. Select the essential apps

Various applications are certainly interesting to download. However, it’s best to download the apps you actually use. Also avoid downloading too many applications because in addition to reducing RAM it will also have a bad impact on cellphone performance. In addition, you can also delete applications that you no longer use.

8. Keep the phone temperature

Ideally the temperature of the cellphone is at 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, the cellphone can also withstand heat temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. Even so, you also need to pay attention to the temperature of the cellphone. Avoid using the phone continuously when the battery is hot. This will affect battery life and make the battery not last long.

So, those are various tips on caring for smartphones for gamers to keep them durable.

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