Smartwatch Advantages and Disadvantages

Smartwatch advantages

Smartwatch advantages and disadvantages, although there is no specific definition of a Smartwatch, in general a Smartwatch is known as a smart device that is usually connected to a Smartphone to perform several functions besides its function as a watch. The smartwatch is designed to network and integrate with other personal devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

Through the Smartwatch users can access news, weather, sports, telephone, messages and even on the latest version of the Smartwatch users can find out information on their body’s health. The smartwatch uses biometric readings via byonymous sensors to identify the user’s heart rate and calculates the number of heartbeats. Smartwatches are not designed to replace cellphone functions, Smartwatches are designed to give users “alerts” for incoming messages and calls on cellphones.

The Beginning of the SmartWatch

Smartwatch’s original developer was Microsoft Inc. which introduced Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) in 2002. SPOT is a standalone device that can receive news and alerts via the FM radio service, MSN Direct.

However, SPOT did not explode in the market due to several reasons, for example MSN Direct, which required a subscription fee. Since then, technology pioneer Pebble Inc. redefining the smartwatch idea when it entered the market and raised a kickstarter of up to $10 million. Other companies, such as Google and Apple have since followed suit and developed their own smartwatches.

Smartwatch Advantages and Disadvantages

Smartwatch Advantages

1. Convenient

Smartwatch is present as a supporting accessory with functions that make it comfortable and easy for users. At certain times, Smartwatch makes it very easy for users with features to answer the phone and reply to messages that are easy for users to reach without taking their cellphones.

2. Helpful Features

The features provided by the smartwatch itself vary depending on the brand. For example, the average smartwatch has health features such as checking blood pressure, monitoring sleep patterns, measuring calories in diet.

3. Camera Ready

In some smartwatches now there is a camera feature. This feature is the same as the camera feature on the cellphone. This feature is very beneficial for users, for example when exercising besides functioning as an accessory it can also capture certain moments.

4. Attractive Design

Smartwatch itself has various design variants for each brand. It’s different when using an ordinary watch with a commercial design. This is also supported by the features found on smartwatches.

5. Can Replace Smartphones

As smartwatches develop, lots of features emerge to provide benefits for their users. Until slowly the smartwatch itself is able to match the smartphone in terms of general interests such as making calls and messages.

Smartwatch Disadvantages

1. Expensive Prices

On average, Smartwatch manufacturers set a high price for each Smartwatch, the higher the price, the more robust the features. This is one thing to think about if you want to have a smartwatch that is not half-hearted.

2. Small Battery

Unlike ordinary watches, Smartwatches can only last around 2-3 days depending on the usage of the user. So that the Smartwatch must be charged to be used again.

3. Small Resolution Camera

The camera on the Smartwatch is only around 0.3 – 0.5 megapixels, a size that is not very good for users who like photography because the photos are not good.

4. Design

Sometimes the designs carried by Smartwatch developers and producers impress like children’s watches and are not good.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of the smartwatch that I explained above. What do you think, are you still interested in owning a smartwatch? Make sure you have it based on need, not just considering prestige.

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