Sony’s Latest TWS Leaked with the Name WF-L900

Sony's Latest TWS

Sony’s Latest TWS : Sony may be dissatisfied with just giving their smartphone products different names and shapes as well as complex names for their TWS products and now the company looks to be releasing TWS with a unique shape as well.

Most of the TWS currently on the market have one of two possible designs. They take Apple’s adaptation of Apple’s iconic stemless AirPods design, or they opt for more compact stemless designs like the Galaxy Buds Pro or Sony WF-1000XM4.

Most TWS products will have silicone tips, especially when active noise cancellation (ANC) is a major factor. But sometimes, companies like to play outside this formula for example at Sony.

Sony’s Latest TWS The latest TWS which is rumored to be launching under the name Sony WF-L900 or ‘Linkbuds’ and codenamed YY2953, has appeared in leaks a few times in the past, but this new image shared by TechInsider on Twitter in Latest Gadget News gives us the best look yet. to date.

In some ways this design elicited the same reaction that many had when the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and its iconic peanut-shaped hardware were first leaked.

This TWS is reportedly also equipped with ANC although without the proper seal provided by the silicone tip, it is questionable how well it performs. Galaxy Buds Live manages to do just that, although its implementation is considered far less effective than other TWS alternatives due to the lack of a seal.

There are currently no details on battery life, pricing or availability, but all of that will likely be revealed in the next few weeks or months when Sony officially announces it.

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