How to Charge a Smartphone

How to Charge a Smartphone Correctly

How to Charge a Smartphone-The battery is a vital component of the HP. Not a few cases of HP problems such as exploding caused by the battery. The battery is also vital because it is the backbone of whether or not a smartphone turns on. Therefore, it is not uncommon for most of you to buy a cellphone, the  

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Advantages and disadvantages smartphone

Advantages and Disadvantages Smartphone Realme C35

Advantages and disadvantages smartphone-In the following, the editor will provide information about a number of advantages and disadvantages of the realme C35 cellphone as consideration before deciding to buy it.

Please note, the Realme C35 device is here as an answer to user requests who want a cool cellphone design, low prices and pretty decent specifications.

So it’s not  

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Best Smartphone Recommendation 2022

Best Smartphone Recommendation 2022, for Long-Term Use

Best Smartphone Recommendation 2022, Are you looking for a smartphone with the best specs? Or are you looking for a gadget that can be used long term? If so, there’s nothing wrong with looking at the recommendations below.

Because, now many mobile phone brands offer a variety of their products with specs that are not much different from one  

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The advantages of iPhone

The advantages of iPhone 13 Pro Max

The advantages of iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple is a giant gadget manufacturer from the United States. They always present premium products for the needs of their users. The iPhone 13 Pro Max series is currently the most advanced phone in the world.

There are many people who crave the iPhone 13 Pro Max smartphone. The reason is none other  

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Type of smartphone

Type Of Smartphone That Has a Large RAM

Type of smartphone-What is the ideal cellphone RAM capacity? According to Pricebook, using an 8 GB RAM cellphone is certainly more than enough to accompany activities and make us more productive.

This cellphone with 8 GB of RAM certainly promises reliable performance to support any activity. Where we can run many applications simultaneously (multitasking).

The choice of cellphones with  

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Infinix Zero 8 Smartphone

Infinix Zero 8 Smartphone review

Infinix Zero 8 Smartphone review, I have been pleasantly surprised by the hardware and software qualities of some of the latest brands and models outside of the Apple/Samsung power-players. While I remain an Apple IOS guy, I readily admit that I am really enjoying other brands with the Android OS. Now it is time again to take another Android OS  

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Quality Android Phone

How to Choose a Quality Android Phone

How to Choose a Quality Android Phone, When we want to buy a new or used Android phone, we are definitely confused with the choice of various types, brands, specifications and types of sophisticated cellphones ranging from low prices to high prices. However, the adage “There’s Money There’s Quality” here definitely applies.

If we buy a cellphone with a  

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Deficiency and advantages

Deficiency and Advantages Of Iphone

Deficiency and advantages of iphone-When asked about timeless gadgets, many of you will definitely answer the iPhone. Because yes, this Apple mobile phone brand is what it is. No matter what series, there are always many who like it.

For example, the iPhone 11. Even though this phone was releas in 2019, it is still being sought after. Of course  

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Ways to Check Wide Color

Ways to Check Wide Color Display Support on Your Phone

Ways to Check Wide Color Display Support on Your Phone, The image quality on a phone is directly related to the type of display and color reproduction on the screen. With emerging technologies such as Wide Color Display, your smartphone can provide an exceptionally realistic viewing experience similar to a 4K TV. Having said that, let’s find out more about  

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Disadvantages and Advantages of iPhone

Disadvantages and Advantages of iPhone Compared to Android

Disadvantages and Advantages of iPhone Compared to Android, Iphone Strengths and Disadvantages: The iPhone, along with Android, are the two largest smartphone platforms in the world, primarily targeting the luxury market. iPhone has generated huge profits for Apple, making it one of the most valuable publicly traded companies in the world.

The first-generation iPhone was seen as a “revolutionary” and  

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