Tensor Success, Google Even Uses Exynos Chipset For Pixel Watch


The first chipset from Google, namely Tensor, uses several components from the Samsung Exynos used by the Pixel 6. It is also possible that Google will use it in future smartwatch products.

Some references have been circulating that there is a codename ‘Rohan’ and the Exynos chipset is found in the Wear OS 3 code. Rohan is reportedly the codename for Google’s upcoming Pixel-branded smartwatch, and will have next-generation Google Assistant qualities.

Reports from 9to5Google, that this news is the same as Google is customizing the Exynos chipset with ISP (Image Signal Processor) and TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, then there is a possibility that the company will use a chipset similar to the Exynos W920 with some of its own bits.

Such adjustments can help with on-device AI processing for faster and more accurate Google Assistant responses.

Some of the features of Wear OS 3 and its UI design leaked through the Google emulator. Features a new watch face, a simpler list format for the app drawer, gradient design for buttons, a pill-shaped UI for accessing media playback controls, and a new UI for customizing watch faces. It’s also said to feature a four-tone light curve for Google Assistant.

All the features contained in Wear OS 3 will be carried out by a collaboration between Google and Samsung, and will be used by Pixel Smartwatches that use the Exynos W920 chipset.

If this is going to happen, but the collaboration between Exynos and Pixel Watch is not the first time because before, Samsung and Google worked closely together on the development and release of Wear OS 3, on the Galaxy Watch 4 device even launching a new version of Wear OS based on Android 11. Between the upgrades of Wear OS 3 itself and the high-end Exynos chip, the Galaxy Watch 4 is the current pinnacle of Android-powered smartwatches.

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