Tesla Pi Phone Phone with All Advanced Technology

Tesla Pi Phone

Tesla Pi Phone : The idea of a Tesla phone which is rumored to be named the Tesla Pi Phone Model with all the advanced technology has been circulating in cyberspace.

But how likely is the smartphone release? There is no convincing credible source about the news, but it does make us think, what kind of smartphone from the world’s most valuable automaker would it be?

When Will Tesla Phones Be Released?

Tesla has a history of releasing exciting branded products, such as Cybertruck-inspired children’s electric vehicles, umbrellas, and several armored vehicles.

Adding Tesla smartphone technology was almost unexpected. There are a few main reasons we question whether this phone will actually be released:

Most of the rumors stem from an early 2021 YouTube video from adrstudiodesign, but they clearly state that it was a designer idea, not a leak or real detail from Tesla.

Some of these rumors are based on these sources, We will discuss more below, but the ideas for this phone are a bit too advanced to be realistic at the moment, such as Neuralink support and connectivity on Mars.

Tesla Phone Price Rumors

A phone with all the advanced technologies described will cost more than a few thousand dollars.

Assuming the phone is real and it’s going to start relatively basic with just a few rumored features, it’s likely to be priced in the $800-$1,200 range.

Pre-Order Information

We envision an announcement months before its official release, and pre-orders. But without a release date reference, we don’t know when Tesla will release it.

Considering Tesla’s incredible features in their existing products, such as the Cybertruck’s nearly impenetrable exoskeleton and the bioweapons defense mode in some of their other vehicles, the rumors about this phone are not surprising.

Satellite Internet: SpaceX’s space-based internet service, Starlink, has close ties to Tesla. There’s even the potential for a Tesla phone to help finance the colonization of Mars, the company’s goal since its founding.

But they had to find a way to not only hide the huge antennae that satellite phones have, but also guarantee good service from such a small device.

Solar charging:

Tesla manufactures solar panels and vehicles, so this is not a far-fetched idea.

It’s unlikely this phone will rely solely on solar power, but it may have a Tesla-branded case that allows some solar charging.

Vehicle control:

There is already a Tesla app for phones to perform basic car functions, lock/unlock the car, control media playback, and call the vehicle.

This application must be pre-installed on the phone, if it is not integrated with the operating system, for easy access directly from the lock screen or via external keys.

It’s also possible that the app will offer a unique option only for Tesla phone owners.


Today’s mobile phones are already using AI and advanced cameras to help when photographing the night sky.

Add that functionality to SpaceX’s space focus that’s sure to trickle down to this phone, and you’ve got a device capable of taking incredible photos of astronomical objects.

Crypto Mining:

Another piece of news is that it will be mining cryptocurrencies. Musk has announced about cryptocurrencies in the past, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that he wants to embed this capability on the line.

While Bitcoin is more popular, and Musk may prefer the existing Dogecoin, rumors are that Tesla’s phones will mine a new coin called MarsCoin (a name Musk himself has tweeted about).

Some serious hardware needs to be implemented for this to work reliably.

Neuralink Support:

The idea of a computer interacting with the brain is still essentially science fiction, and Neuralink is one of the companies working on it.

They say they “designed the first neuroimplant that lets you control your computer or mobile device wherever you go just by thinking about it.

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