The advantages of iPhone 13 Pro Max

The advantages of iPhone

The advantages of iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple is a giant gadget manufacturer from the United States. They always present premium products for the needs of their users. The iPhone 13 Pro Max series is currently the most advanced phone in the world.

There are many people who crave the iPhone 13 Pro Max smartphone. The reason is none other than the sophistication of the technology embedded by Apple on this phone. Indeed there are many devices with similar prices. However, the iPhone can also be a fashion trend of its own.

The iPhone brand has a strong identity for premium smartphones. In fact, there is no chipset technology that can match the A15 Bionic. Here’s a review of the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The advantages of iPhone 13 Pro Max

1. Superior Chipset

It is undeniable that Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset is the best at the moment. This chipset has a fairly efficient fabrication of 5 nm. Not only that, the GPU used by Apple on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is unmatched. In fact, the chipset class from MediaTek Dimensity 9000 has not been able to outperform Apple’s A15 Bionic.

2. The Battery is Quite Durable

Battery power of an iPhone device is one of the biggest homework for Apple. However, in the iPhone 13 Pro Max edition, Apple can answer complaints about a wasteful iPhone battery. This is because Apple technology can manage screen usage well.

3. The Screen Size is Quite Large

The screen size of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is quite large. With the XDR OLED type and HDR10 certified, the graphics quality is quite good and responsive. In addition, the large screen makes its own relief for users. In fact, the screen size of up to 6.7 inches helps gamers to play games comfortably.

4. Speaker quality is clear

Another advantage of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the clear sound. Apple delivers speaker quality with a loudness of -24.0 LUFS. Then the low or bass sound that is generated is quite audible.

5. Excellent on camera

The advantages of iPhone

iPhone has a pretty good camera and topnotch. In the iPhone 13 Pro Max edition there is a main camera with a resolution of 12 MP. This lens has OIS and PDAF technology for stability. Then there is a 12 MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom. For the wide-angle camera, there is also a 12 MP lens.

Another sophistication of this device is the Time Of Flight LiDar sensor. With this LiDar technology, users can do 3D virtual decorations. Even the iPhone 13 Pro Max has video recording capabilities like a professional filmmaker.

6. Complete Charging

On the iPhone 13 Pro Max there are various charging features. One of the sophistications installed is wired fast charging with 27 Watts of power. This smartphone can also charge with Qi Magnetic fast wireless charging protocol 7.5 Watt.

This short review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is over. Hopefully this information about the advantages of the iPhone 13 Pro Max can give you a little picture for those of you who are eyeing this phone.

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