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The best phone design of the decade can include the Apple iPhone X. And even the Light Phone, so which is your favourite?

What’s the best phone design of the last decade? That’s the debate we’re having here for this category of the Creative Bloq at 10 Award. We all have a favourite phone design that made an impact on us personally. Or changed the industry, now you can vote and have your say.

As part of the Creative Bloq Awards 2022 we’ve launched the CB at 10 Award. A special category for this year only that means you can vote for your favourite piece of design. And also a creative work of the previous ten years. Take a look at the shortlist below – which includes Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Huawei P20 Pro and the Light Phone – and vote for the design you think should win.

Nominations :

Each of these nominations is here for a reason, whether it’s the first foldable screen (Samsung Galaxy Fold), the first wraparound screen (Samsung Galaxy Note Edge), or the first pro-level camera (Huawei P20 Pro). There’s even room in our awards for the Light Phone, a smartly designed minimal phone. So whether you want to champion Apple, camera phones or the new trend for paired-back simple phones, vote now.

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For now, however, scroll down and have your say on the best phone design of the decade. The results will be shared the week beginning 12 September, visit the Creative Bloq Awards website for more details and to see the full category list for the CB at 10 Awards, which includes best advert of the decade and best logo design of the decade. Have your say!

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