The Best Smartphones Ever

Best Smartphones

The Best Smartphones Ever, Everybody had been waiting for the iPhone 4 AT&T since a long time and when it finally came out, it was not a surprise to see that the handset was selling like hot cakes in the market. iPhone 4 AT&T has been touted as the best smart phone ever and it lives up to that tag.

The best part about it is that the Retina display which is really awesome. The screen is so name because you cannot see the pixels on the screen through naked eye. Such is the density.

There have been a few problems with the phone though. People are saying that the phone has a ‘death grip’, holding the phone in a certain way causes the drop phone calls. This problem occurs because the antenna of the phone is locate on the spine and hence you are jump to touch it quite often.

Another phone that has been selling well in the market is the HTC Legend. There are a lot of HTC Legend reviews on the Internet, and most of them say that the handset has a really gorgeous AMOLED screen. The HTC Legend comes with Android 2.1 preloaded and the fast processor makes sure that you don’t have to wait too much.


Is Also increase as compare to the previous model. The camera is equip with flash and you can easily take pictures even in the dark. Finally, there is lot of new useful enhancements on board courtesy of HTC Sense.

However, HTC Legend reviews also say that the photo quality from the camera is not that god. The phone is not compatible with 3G bands in North America so people there cannot exploit full features of the phone. We still think that this phone is a worth upgrading if you already have the Hero as there are a lot of new features. The phone also has a solid build and it is one of the best Android phones ever from this class of smart phones.

Palm is also a big name in the smart phone world and it is really hard to ignore this manufacturer because they have given us some excellent handsets. Go through some Palm Pixi reviews, they all say that this handset is remarkably thin and the QWERTY keyboard is improve too.

The updated OS gives you Yahoo integration along with some enhanced features for messaging. Finally, there are some added goodies like 3G support, GPS and Bluetooth. On the flip side, the Palm Pixi reviews balk on the absence of Wi-Fi in the gadget. The reviews also say that the battery of the phone drains really quickly. The picture quality of the camera could have been better and it doesn’t record video. There are not a lot of editing options either.

The Palm Pixi

Reviews say that the phone is mean for first time smartphone users. This phone is not for businessmen since it lacks some of the high end features that they are use to.

So it all comes down to what kind of user group you belong to. For the high end smart phone user – there is the iPhone 4, for the mid range user, there is the HTC Legend and Palm Pixi is for someone who is new to the smart phone world.

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