The Coolest Technologies And Gadgets In The Market

The Coolest Technologies

The Coolest Technologies : In the last few years, the personal technology industry has suddenly exploded with a special segment of innovative gadgets. These gadgets utilize existing technologies and create very interesting use cases for them. So here are some of those cool new things that are happening in the Technology market right now.

Touchscreen Technology

It has been around for quite some time now but it was Apple who suddenly came out with the multi touch iPhone. There statement was very bold – a smartphone with only one physical button. This sparked a revolution in the market and we are finally reaping the benefits in the form of multiple touchscreen based portable devices. There are touchscreen PMP’s, touchscreen tablets/slates and of course – the new generation touchscreen phones and their respective mobile OS.


For a lot of people, life without letting people know where they had their coffee would feel incomplete. And with geolocation built right on to your phone, it is easy to do that. The current crop of GPS/AGPS enabled smartphones with their collection of smart location based apps like FourSquare and GoWalla are completely changing how our real world activities interact with the virtual world.

Low Power Consuming, High Performance CPU’s

These are mostly mobile processors like the ones made by ARM (e.g. Cortex A9) that run the modern day handheld devices. They run at amazing speeds that touch 1Ghz and also have multiple cores. These are the CPU’s that have made sure that we can achieve futuristic ideas right now. The amount of power that we can now fit into the palm of our hands is amazing. This makes sure that all the other miniature technologies have access to enough processing power to do great things.

Solar Technology

This technology has also been around for quite some time now but only recently has it developed enough to makes its way in to really cool gadgets. We now have solar chargers for our cell phones. Solar powered small fans are also quite common. But the best solar panel that I have seen so far is one that is foldable like a cloth and charges your laptop in bright sun light.

Pico Projectors

This one is mainly thanks to Texas Instruments and their groundbreaking miniature DLP engine. This engine, along with miniature LCoS engine brought about the pico projector revolution. Now projectors can be small enough to fit inside your phone, digital camera and more. And even though they are not very bright now, that is changing fast.

Thin Speakers, Really Thin

How thin do you think speakers can go? Well, the thinnest so far are speakers made out of cloth. Yes, Yamaha has made cloth speakers that are 1 ‘millimeter’ thin. It is thin enough to be easily wrapp up and transporte. And if you print on it, it will look like any other piece of printed cloth. But it can emit sound that can be heard when standing directly in front of it. It is still not commercially available but it will hopefully be in the market soon.

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