The Most Active Indonesian Reels Instagram Creators, These are the 5 Msost Popular Instagram Reels Theme Inspiration

The Most Active

Just a few months ago, Reels immediately became an Instagram star feature in Indonesia. The number of Reels content and viewership increased sharply in a short period of time. Country Director for Meta Indonesia Pieter Lydian said, Reels seems to be a place for Instagram users in Indonesia to express themselves, create trends, explore interests, and even turn their passion into a source of income.

Within five months, Indonesia has become one of the countries with the most active Reels content creators in the world. According to Peter, Tab Reels also contributed significantly to the proportion of time spent on Instagram as a whole. “Reels is a big part of the future of entertainment content on Instagram.

In less than 150 days, Indonesia has become one of the fastest growing Reels countries in Southeast Asia, Country Director for Meta Indonesia. Instagram’s internal data shows Reels’ success in Indonesia is due to the presence of content that users are currently looking for, namely entertainment or entertaining content.

Well, here are the popular Reels content themes in Indonesia:

1. Comedy Indonesians love to laugh and this is also reflected in Reels. As Reels opens the door to new creators, Instagram is seeing the emergence of a new generation of comedians on Instagram who are creatively harnessing the power of short videos to create funny and entertaining content.

2. Love and Family The pandemic has made people spend more time with their spouses and families. Content that depicts interactions with loved ones, from funny to heartfelt content, is also popular on Reels because it reflects what users go through on a daily basis.

3. Fashion People still like shopping even though they can’t travel anywhere. Therefore, Reels became the place to show their #ootd style.

4. Eye meditation Lots of content that is soothing and makes us take a break from the routine and stress we face everyday. On Reels, Instagram data also shows an increasing trend for chats and discussions about mental health in Indonesia this year through hashtags such as #selflove and #selfhealing.

5. Prayers and hopes Social media is a medium for sending hope and strength to each other. The celebration of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day became one of the busiest moments on Reels in Indonesia with many prayers and hopes for Indonesia conveyed through Reels.

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