The Negative Impact of Gadgets for Health

The Negative Impact of Gadgets for Health : In general, a gadget is a device or electronic device that is relatively small in size and has special and practical functions in its use. Gadgets are not only in the form of smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, and the like are included in the types of gadgets that we are used to in everyday life.

Gadgets have functions and benefits that are relatively suitable for their users. Functions and benefits of gadgets in general include:

1. Communication
Human knowledge is getting wider and advanced. If in ancient times humans communicated through the mind, then developed through writing that was sent by post. Now in the era of globalization, humans can communicate easily, quickly, practically and more efficiently by using gadgets.

2. Social
Gadgets have many features and the right applications for us to share news, news, and stories. So with this utilization, you can add friends and establish distant relatives without having to use a relatively long time to share.

3. Education
Along with the development of the times, now learning is not only focused on books. But through gadgets we can access various knowledge that we need. About education, politics, general science, religion, without having to bother going to the library which may be far to reach.

Nowadays, gadget users do not only come from workers. But almost all people, including children and toddlers, have used gadgets in their daily activities. Almost everyone who uses gadgets spends a lot of their time in everyday using gadgets. Therefore, gadgets also have their own values ​​and benefits for certain people. However, there are many negative impacts that arise in the use of gadgets.

Although most of the people use gadgets for communication, work or business matters, looking for information, or just looking for entertainment. However, excessive use of gadgets can have many negative impacts, especially on health. Not only on physical health, but a person’s mental health can also be disturbed from using gadgets, especially excessively.

The negative impacts of gadgets include:

1. Vision problems

Launching the 21st Century Repairs website, the negative impact of using a smartphone for a long time can cause problems with eyes and vision. Some of the problems that can be caused include tired eyes, redness, blurred vision, a burning sensation in the eyes, and even decreased vision due to too much focus on the cellphone screen. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the distance between the phone and the eyes of about 16 centimeters (cm) and reduce looking at the smartphone screen if it is not too important.

2. Disrupt sleep patterns
The bad effects of using gadgets until late at night can interfere with your biological clock, especially when you have fun playing games or watching movies. This can make you miss sleep at night. As a result, sleep patterns become disrupted and you lose adequate rest time.

Not only that, according to the American Optometric Association, exposure to blue light from the screen at night can inhibit the work of the hormone melatonin. As a result, you will be more prone to insomnia.

3. Out of focus

The next negative impact of using gadgets is that it makes you unfocused. The amount of information that is easily accessible via the internet on a smartphone can distract you. As a result, you become less focused on work and daily activities that are actually more important. This condition can also happen to students, making them not focus on studying and busy with useless information.

4. Headache

In addition to having an impact on eye health, the emission of light from a smartphone can also cause headaches. This condition can be exacerbated if your brain is too burdened when playing games continuously while switching applications. In severe cases, you are at risk for unbearable headaches, migraines, neck tension, anxiety, stress, and even depression.

5. Posture that is not ideal

According to research from the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, prolonged use of gadgets has a negative impact on posture. Gradually, your body becomes more hunched over, the neck position becomes more forward, or the shape of the shoulders becomes arched. Not only disturbing appearance, this change in posture also affects the smoothness of your breathing.

6. Injuries to muscles and ligaments

Furthermore, poor posture while using a smartphone can put excessive stress on the muscles and joints in the hands, fingers, neck, and waist. If this habit continues for a long time, it can cause muscle pain, soreness, and even injury to the joints. To prevent the bad effects of these gadgets, it is recommended to change positions and stretch when using this device for a long time.

7. Reduce Interaction with People

Although the presence of gadgets is able to facilitate communication, using it too often will reduce interactions in the real world. You will be too focused on the virtual world, communication with family and closest people will be reduced. Can form anti-social disorders indirectly if you are used to it, from the age of children.

8. Cultivate an Egocentric Attitude

Children who often play gadgets from an early age will trigger attitudes such as egocentricity. This egocentric attitude is a bad attitude, especially in a social environment. The excessive gadget users, will get used to not caring about other people indirectly. In addition, there will be a lack of empathy for the environment. Of course it will harm you.

9. Triggering the Development of Consumerism

Another psychological impact, with the emergence of a culture of consumerism. This consumerism is related from an economic perspective and often occurs in today’s teenagers. So that it is included in one of the psychological disorders in adolescents. Because its emergence also occurs from the desire of teenagers who continuously buy the latest gadgets and follow trends.

That way it can cause teenage children to live more extravagantly, especially operational expenses in the form of gadgets. This fee also consists of mobile phone service, credit, gadget accessories and others. Able to influence lifestyle, be selfish and like to show off with his friends. This trait will damage the level of consumptiveness and should not be owned by teenagers who are still in school. Because children are usually not necessarily able to choose one of the information correctly.

The points above are only part of the impact that will be obtained when using gadgets, especially excessively.

 Although the negative impact obtained looks scary, but we can minimize it by using gadgets to taste. Use gadgets only for important purposes such as looking for material that is not in the book, communicating with people who are far away, and so on.

Even though gadgets currently provide a lot of entertainment content that can entertain when you are tired, they still limit the duration of their use. Don’t let us realize the negative impact of gadgets when we already feel some health problems as mentioned above.

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