The Nokia N95 is a High Priced Gadget With High End Features

The Nokia N95

The Nokia N95 : Some of the most impressive new gadgets on the market these days are smart phones. The most notable of course is the new iPhone which is made by Apple Inc, but there’s a lot of competition for that particular smart phone and many of the competing models and brands have very similar features to those offered by the iPhone. One of the contenders for the title of most impressive smart phone is the Nokia N95.

It features a large display that can be turned sideways for a 16:9 aspect ratio just like the iPhone, but unlike the iPhone, it features conventional buttons. With the conventional buttons rather than the iPhone’s touch screen it will probably prove to be much less versatile than the iPhone in the kinds of applications that it can be used for. The Nokia N95 is a fully functional smart phone that has plenty of productive and enjoyable features. For example, in addition to allowing its users to stay in contact with business associates using voice, this model also displays emails and spreadsheets. Presumably the spreadsheets could be attached to the emails.

The Nokia N95 also has a built in digital camera that takes fairly high resolution photos for a mobile phone, and presumably these could be attached to emails to be shared with friends and co-workers alike.

Another very useful feature that has is an ability to access and display GPS based maps that will make it a lot easier to find things for business or pleasure.

In addition to all of the productivity features of the Nokia N95, this device also comes with the ability to play music and videos. The music and videos can be downloaded from the Internet via a WiFi connection or from other devices using Bluetooth technology. In this sense, the Nokia N95 is very much like the iPhone. The fact that it can play digital music will make it an attractive replacement for a stand alone MP3 player. This feature in particular will be really useful for athletes or anyone who wants to accompany their activities with music. The fact that the Nokia N95 can play videos makes it competitive with the video iPod, although it’s unclear as of yet how many hours of video the device can store. Of course, because it can take digital photos, the Nokia N95 also serves as a digital photo album.

Of course, there are two practical considerations that may make the iPhone and other smart phones attractive alternatives to the Nokia N95. The first is the fact that, at least over the next year, the Nokia N95 will only be available in Europe. The second, and perhaps more insurmountable obstacle in getting one is the fact that it retails for seven hundred dollars which is significantly more than the already pricey eight gigabyte version of the iPhone and a lot more expensive than the four gig version of the iPhone.

That said, if and when the Nokia N95 comes on the market in the U.S. it may be worth looking into. Especially if the price comes down significantly.

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