The Sony PRS-505 E-Book Reader Review

The Sony PRS-505 E-Book Reader Review

Sony Reader Review : The Sony PRS-505 is a second generation electronic book reader from Sony. It is using the paper display format which is made by the E Ink Corporation, this gives the Sony a really effective imitation paper look to the screen. The Sony can read both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF files and can play MP3 format sound files as well as display JPEG files. The Sony PRS-505 is actually one of the e-readers released as direct competition to the Amazon Kindle.

So let’s have a look at this e-book reader review. The dimensions of the Sony are 122mm x 175 x 7.6 so it is nice and compact but weighs 260g, which is heavier than the Kindle. You will not be able to put it into a pocket but rather, it may need to be placed in a bag. Like most e-Readers, it will need a case and indeed this comes supplied with the Sony which is good and will extend its life and keep it looking good for years.

The screen size is six inches which is generally smaller than an actual paperback book but is still good since a larger screen would compromise the gadgets portability.

The Sony certainly has the looks and is certainly well designed as you would expect from such a prestigious company. The PRS-505 has 192MB of memory which translates into storing about 160 e-books, which in reality should be plenty for even the most avid of readers. Sony supply all the software for managing the e-Books and this is required in order for you to transfer content from your computer to your reader device. If you do buy a Sony, remember, it will only support Windows and not Apple systems.

This e-reader device will handle numerous file formats such as Microsoft Word, txt and PDF and RTF. You will also find that it can display GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP graphics. In this e-book reader review we also look at how the 505 can play music in the form of MP3 and ACC format. All you need is a good set of headphones as there are no speakers, but this should not be regarded as a bad thing. Sony’s device also supports BBeB and EPUB e-book file formats and you will find that Sony has a partnership with the publishing company Waterstone’s who have a comprehensive catalogue of e-books as well as the device itself.

When using PDF designed for a full page, it will look a lot smaller on a Sony 505 screen but then you could always switch to the landscape mode which should improve readability to a good extent.

In this e-book reader review, we have had a general look at Sony’s offering of its book reader device and there are a few pros and cons to consider before actually making up your mind.

The design is very sleek and sophisticated making this model very attractive, tactile and easy on the eye. It is obvious that a lot of thought has been put into the cover design which fits well and looks nice. You get the ability to listen to music albeit in MP3 format, the display and button layout are concise and lend an effortless feel to navigating between pages, books and other media. The whole package is very attractive and at a competitive price. Purchasing an actual e-book to read on the Sony PRS, is both rapid and simple.

As is usual in any e-book reader review, we look at one or two things that may be lacking in Sony’s design. One of these things is that it lacks a keyboard so you cannot make annotations to documents or highlight particular passages in a book for reference. You will have to charge your new device from your PC unless you buy an AC adapter. But on the face of it, this is only a minor niggle.

Overall this is a nice bit of kit and is definitely worth looking at, just think of it as an iPod for books!

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