This Smart Case Turns Your iPhone XS Into an iPhone 11 Pro

This Smart Case

This Smart Case : Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro last month while introducing the three main and most recent lenses from the iPhone.

Yuk cobain case yang bisa ubah iPhone XS kamu jadi iPhone 11 Pro

This is an improvement over last year’s iPhone XS which featured a dual lens. However, Apple’s iPhone is still as expensive as ever.

This exorbitant and unreasonable price makes iPhone XS owners want to upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro.

But if you don’t have enough money, you can use this cute iPhone case and it might interest you.

In the video uploaded to Tik Tok by the user and it shows this iPhone XS case there is a smart sticker that turns the iPhone XS into an iPhone 11 Pro.

Reporting from the page, this case uses a square cut instead of a rectangle for the camera.

Not only that, there is also a cover for the camera where the two holes will allow the actual camera to shoot it.

While the third camera is just an image to give the illusion of a third camera.

This case is a pretty smart and new arrangement rather than functional, because this case is only used for people who want to use the latest iPhone but on a low budget.

However, I don’t know where the casing that can turn the iPhone XS into an iPhone 11 Pro can be purchased, the article in the video on Tik Tok does not mention where the casing is sold.

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