Three High-Tech Pens Of The Future

Three High-Tech

Three High-Tech : Have you ever thought of the future? Have the vision of the Earth hundred years from now have come to your mind? Some would definitely think about robots and high technology. Some would surely think about doomsday and other terrifying tales of alien invasion and supremacy.

Indeed, we have a very wild imagination. It is the reason why we have high rise buildings that are kissing the skies, fast cars and gadgets that are is powered by extreme intelligence quotient. The mind is powerful, indeed. So, it wouldn’t be impossible for people to create promotional products particularly promotional pens with the hint of modernized technology.

As of the moment, promotional pens are just infused with carabiners, flashlight and other useful functions. But for sure, it wouldn’t be too soon if you will have these kinds of customized pens with the kick of the future.

i-Pens: Pens with Phone Features

There might be an iPhone, iPod, iTouch or anything with the letter i on it today. But in the future there might be a pen that is infused with the modern communication technology that can allow you to do several things that a modern gadget phone can do.

This kind of promotional pen can launch a holographic keypad that allows you to write in your message, call, surf the internet, take pictures and upload it straight to your favorite social networking sites. This kind of pen will surely be a big hit among techie and gadget-freaks. Whoever thought of such idea will surely be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs.

Pens with Holographic Computer

Voice-operated systems, touch-screen technology and hologram are some of the fruits of modern innovation. Indeed, the changes that happen to technology are breached by a single second. Truly, that is how fast technology can run.

So in the future, there is a greater possibility of the creation of customized pens with holographic features. In a size of a normal pen comes a computer system that is operated by the power of touch. Now, you don’t need to get a bulky computer bag in order to bring your work at site. All you need is a simple computer pen and you’re good to go.

Pens with Telekinesis

It might be far from possible but everyone can surely envision a kind of pen with telekinetic abilities. Aside from other innovative features, such kind of pen can take you everywhere your mind wishes. This is really a pen defeat airline magnates and transport gods in the whole world. As of the moment, these pens are yet to be conceived by the human mind. Thus, we will still have to ride the bus or the subway in order to go to our destinations.

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