TikTok Finally Follows Meta Restrict Media Access

TikTok Finally Follows Meta Restrict Russian Government-owned Media Access

TikTok Finally Follows : TikTok through its parent company, ByteDance Ltd, has finally followed Meta’s steps to restrict access to media owned by the Russian government, including Sputnik and Russia Today (RT).

It was previously reported that all popular Meta Platforms, Inc. apps such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, have taken the same steps first.

This access restriction was carried out by TikTok to monitor their use of social media since the war in Ukraine. The Russians themselves have expressed their opposition to social media companies that have restricted their services to them.

This access restriction measure (ban) is the latest step taken by several world technology companies in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Will other companies follow in the footsteps of these two tech giants?

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