Causes and Tips for Overcoming Slow HP

tips for overcoming slow HP

Causes and tips for overcoming slow HP, Friends, do you know how to deal with a slow cellphone? It turns out, the way is not difficult, really! Check out the causes and ways to overcome them in this article, OK? Mobile (HP) Android or also known as a smartphone will usually experience a decrease in performance if it has been used for years.

Apart from the battery which may experience a decrease, usually the cellphone also becomes slow, aka slow. But keep in mind that a slow cellphone is not only caused by age. The way you use and care for your cellphone can also affect its performance. Before discussing how to deal with a slow cellphone, let’s first find out what causes this to happen.

Causes of Slow Android Phones

The following are the causes of slow Android HP.

1. Storage Capacity

Most people usually don’t care about storage memory and immediately install lots of applications on their cellphones. Applications that accumulate and are rarely used will suck up storage memory. If left too long, this can make your Android phone slow. So, choose the application that you really need, okay?

2. Too Much Data in Internal Memory

The speed of the internal memory will decrease as more and more data is stored. This data can be in the form of applications, photos, videos, or other files that you haven’t deleted for years. This greatly affects the work and speed of your HP.

3. Decreasing Battery

Batteries that have decreased in quality can also affect the performance of Android phones. So it’s also important to take care of battery life by not letting it charge for too long.

4. RAM & Flash Storage Memory Degradation

RAM and flash storage memory can also experience a decrease like a battery. The reason could be due to the activity of writing and deleting data which in fact reduces its performance. The effect is that the potential for slow HP becomes even greater.

5. Incompatible operating system updates

Updating the operating system is important because it can affect performance improvements. However, there are also operating system updates that take up separate space in the internal memory. This is what you need to consider.

This is because low memory and RAM will make the cellphone slow if forced to keep updating. If you want to keep doing the latest updates and your cellphone doesn’t support it, maybe it’s time for you to replace your HP.

Tips for Overcoming Slow HP

After knowing the cause of a slow cellphone, now is the time for you to anticipate and overcome it. Here are tips for overcoming slow HP.

1. Note the Amount of Memory

Every smartphone is equipped with different memory specifications. Apart from RAM, internal memory capacity also affects the performance of your smartphone. When the available internal memory is low, this will make its performance slow.

To fix this, avoid storing a lot of data to fill the internal memory. If you need to store a lot of data on your cellphone, try to have a smartphone that is equipped with memory card support or with large internal memory. This can also be a way to deal with slow cellphones when opening applications and how to speed up internet connections on HP.

2. Use Versatile Applications

If the smartphone has been rooted, you can use one of the multifunctional applications called Apps2SD. Apps2SD is a functional and versatile application, such as backing up applications, linking applications to memory cards and more. However, for smartphones that have not been rooted, you should use a similar application called Clean Master.

3. Using 1 Antivirus Application

Almost the same as the default system application, the antivirus application continues to run in the background. The impact is that RAM is wasteful and the performance of Android phones is slow. So, it’s enough to use one antivirus application, or even not use it. Because antivirus applications are not so important to use on Android phones.

4. How to Overcome a Slow HP with the Auto Kill Feature

If you often do multi-tasking on an Android phone, you must be used to finding lots of active Android apps on Recent Apps. When many applications are running on Recent Apps, the RAM gets tighter and causes the cellphone to slow down.
To avoid this you can use the Auto Kill feature.

This one feature will prevent the application from running in the background. In this way, the Android cellphone is not slow. This is also one way to deal with slow cellphones after upgrading.

5. Reduce Widgets as a Way to Overcome a Slow HP

Widgets might be able to beautify the appearance of the HP homescreen and also be useful as a shortcut to open the application. But this turns out to consume more RAM. So to prevent Android phones from slowing down, reduce the use of widgets on the home screen, ok!

6. How to Overcome a Slow HP with a Software Update

Update immediately whenever there is a software update notification. This aims to fix the problems brought by the previous system. Because the goal of the update is to provide a better experience than before. Even though it is possible, sometimes it is found that the update makes the system worse. However, the developer will surely fix it soon.

7. Delete or Stop Unused Apps

New apps on the Google Playstore are always interesting to try, but don’t just install them. Using multiple apps results in used storage space with apps that may not actually be useful. To keep your Android phone performing well, delete applications that are not used or have the same function.

Unfortunately, some applications cannot be removed because they are system default and continue to run even though they are not really needed. This makes RAM full and slows down HP performance. To stop it, you can make these applications Disable. The method is quite easy, all you have to do is enter ‘Settings’. Then on the ‘Tab Running’ select the application you don’t need and select ‘Disable’.

8. Routinely Clear Data Cache

Cache is a place to temporarily store data from applications that you are currently or have used. With cache, you will easily and quickly open applications that have previously been used. But behind these benefits, cache that is allowed to accumulate can make Android phones slow. Clean the cache that has accumulated regularly so that the HP’s performance is good. How to enter Settings – Apps – All, then look for the application whose cache you want to clear, then select clear cache.

You can also clear cache on Android through the menu:

Settings – Storage – Cached Data, then select ‘OK’ when a pop up appears.

Well, the article above explains the causes and tips for dealing with slow cellphones that you should try. Good luck!

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