Troubleshooting Your Crashed or Frozen Apple iPad

Troubleshooting Your Crashed

Troubleshooting Your Crashed : Most people might say that you should skip first generation devices (including the Apple iPad) altogether and wait for the second edition to come out. This is because most first generation electronics have bugs and problems that haven’t been resolved yet. These bugs are usually fixed by the time the second edition of these devices is made available.

Some of you, though, already have iPads and may have experienced some problems like crashing or freezing. There’s no need to tear your hair out when this happens to your beloved Apple iPad. Below are some simple tips that you can use to troubleshoot your crashed or frozen iPad.

1. Try restarting your frozen iPad.

Restarting iPad is quite simple and easy to do. Just press and hold down the Hold button (located at the upper right corner of your iPad) for about three seconds or until the slider button appears on the screen. Use your finger to slide the button from left to right until your iPad shuts down. Wait for about 10 to 15 seconds before turning your iPad on again. Press the Hold button until the Apple logo on the screen, then everything should boot up properly.

2. If restarting doesn’t work, do a soft reset.

This is called a “soft reset” because all your files will remain intact and you won’t lose any saved information in your Apple iPad. To do a soft reset when you experience an iPad crash, simply press the Home and Hold buttons at the same time. These buttons can be found below the center screen of iPad. Continue to hold both buttons until you see the screen flash, then turn dark. Wait for about a minute or two before restarting your Apple iPad by pressing the Hold button until the Apple logo appears.

3. If both restarting and resetting don’t work, try to do a hard reset.

Before your do this, you should make sure that you have backed-up all your important files and documents in your Apple iPad. Restoring your iPad to its original (or factory) settings will erase all saved files and applications in iPad. Make sure that you have the latest iTunes installed in your computer. Connect iPad to your PC or Mac and launch iTunes. Click on the “Restore” button (located under Devices / iPad / Summary). Click on the backup button when prompted to save all your files. Once the restore has been completed, your iPad will restart. Resave all your media into iPad and enjoy your freshly restored gadget.

4. Update your iPad’s firmware regularly.

Apple releases updates to firmware often, so it’s best to check online regularly. Recently, an important update was released for the Apple iPad that fixed WiFi connectivity problems.

5. Delete applications that have problems.

There may be some applications installed in your iPad that can cause an iPad crash. If you notice that your iPad starts to hang or freeze after launching an application, remove or delete the application from the iPad immediately.

A lot of people have already bought first generation Apple iPads and have probably experienced some problems with them. If your Apple iPad has crashed, try the tips listed above before sending it over to an Apple service center. You might be able to fix your frozen iPad by simply restarting or restoring it.

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