Understanding the working of Quick spin casino

Quickspin Casino games

Slot machines have always been the most popular casino game, whether in brick and mortar layouts or in online casinos. The popular phrase “spin to win” is used to describe the simplicity of playing slot machines. This is exactly what makes games attractive to people all over the world. Slot machines are also known for the most entertaining price in all casino games. Most slots are themed and take you on a story journey as you play.

Unique story

All of the Quickspin slot games have a unique story of how they came to be.  When we say high-quality gaming experience, we are not just talking about the gambling aspect. Each slot game has a graphical feel that can compete with Triple-A video games with a story so that you can have fun during your adventure.  The best audio production is at the forefront of the experience of enjoying a slot game for hours. Quickspin Casino games have won countless awards over the years for its high-quality products, including the Rising Star Award and the Game of the Year.

What is Quickspin?

Quickspin AB was founded in 2011 by a Swedish software developer but is now licensed by Playtech as the Malta Gaming Authority.  Joachim Timmermann, Matt Westerlund, and Daniel Lindbergh gained extensive experience working for large companies such as Unibet, EA Games, and NetEnt before making Quickspin the leader in today’s online gaming industry.  They follow the motto “We make the world’s greatest video slot” that suits their product.  It should come as no surprise that Quickspin’s journey has been a resounding success.

High RTP

RTP is the expected percentage of bets that a slot game earns a player in the long run. There are 2 ways to calculate RTP percentage either by simulation or by theoretical methods depending on the type of game. Simply put, the higher the RTP, the better chance you have of winning the pot. Here is a list of the top payment percentages you can get at places.


More or fewer fluctuations really break down individual playing styles and bankrolls. It’s a measure of how fast you can swing from a big win to a big defeat.

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. This is due to the fact that unless you win big, you will not be able to have long sessions before your bankroll is over. Also, how you bet can affect the game’s volatility.


Quickspin itself states that it has “a burning passion for gaming and a love of gambling”, which makes it very easy for the company not to become a laundry or post office. The big guys in the industry are familiar with Quickspin’s rapid growth and becoming a serious player in the slot world – especially with its interest in the developer’s gamified slots and innovative features. With a steady roster of annual new game releases, this is definitely a developer to watch!

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