Unlocking the bootloader cannot be done arbitrarily

Unlocking the bootloader

The Tech Target page explains that a bootloader can be defined as a program that bridges a computer’s operating system and memory. When turned on, computing performance will enter the BIOS program as the main gateway. Well, this bootloader system will not appear in advance because it works behind the scenes.

Not only PCs or laptops, cellphones and tablets that have an operating system are also embedded with a bootloader as the foundation, for example the Android or iOS operating system. So, here, we will get to know more about the bootloader and how to unlock the bootloader.

Unlocking the bootloader cannot be done arbitrarily
What is Unlock Bootloader? Check out the Benefits, Disadvantages, and How
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As we already know, bootloader refers to the basic program that bridges between the operating system and memory in a computer device. On the other hand, there is also the term unlock bootloader which refers to an open program in a computing device. That is, users can modify everything contained in a gadget.

Here are the benefits of unlocking the bootloader on a computing device:

The user can freely modify the factory default program according to his wishes.
Devices with unlocked bootloader status are usually also easy to modify the system, for example the Kernel on Android.
Users can also install and add previously modified ROMs. This is risky to delete data, but mostly done by users who know programming languages.
With the unlocked bootloader position, you can ROOT your Android phone.
However, behind these advantages, there are several disadvantages of unlocking the bootloader, such as:

1. If your cellphone is still under warranty, the warranty will be forfeited due to system modifications.

2. Devices that are already in the unlocked bootloader position will be very vulnerable to viruses, malware, and even account hijacking.

3. Permanent software and hardware damage can be caused by a failed bootloader unlock action.

4. The security system on a computer or smartphone that has been unlocked will open the bootloader. This means that hackers can get into the loopholes and steal various personal data belonging to users.

5. Files or data in the device can be damaged and even lost permanently.

6. Other risks related to financial accounts. There is no security guarantee at all in unlocking the bootloader so that all personal accounts on HP are easily hacked by anyone.

Then, how to unlock the bootloader? Well, before that, the author reminds you that this step can damage your cellphone or computer and the author is not responsible for any damage that occurs. Don’t unlock the bootloader if you don’t understand programming languages ​​at all.

Just a suggestion, use an unused Android cellphone aka an empty cellphone. You can also use HP that is quite old and is no longer guaranteed

1. Download and install supporting applications, in this case the SDK Manager and USB Drivers for HP.

2. Connect your cellphone to a laptop or PC and use a USB driver that matches your brand of cellphone.

3.In the SDK Manager application, you can click the Tools folder, then hover over an empty section and press Shift + right click.

4. If successful, you can click Open a Command Prompt Here, then type adb devices.

5. Until this step, users can already enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking. How to open Settings or Settings and select Developer Options. There is a choice whether you want to activate or deactivate both features.

6. The steps above will guide you to get a password or key to unlock the bootloader. There are several HP brands that allow you to unlock the bootloader on their official website, but some don’t.

7. If you are proposed to do it on their official website, that’s better because the process will be easier. You just need to do the required steps.

8. Don’t forget to enter the code or prompt key that you got by right-clicking on the SDK Manager folder. Then, select Open a Command Prompt Here again. After that, type the code or password from the prompt that we got earlier.

9. If the steps taken are correct, there will be a Fastboot menu on the cellphone or you can open it manually by pressing power + volume down.

10.Go back to SDK Manager and click on an empty space. Enter command Shift + right click and re-select Open a Command Prompt Here. After that, enter advanced commands, such as fastboot oem unlock. This command

depends on the type, type, and brand of your Android phone. So, adjust the commands properly.
Well, how? That was the understanding, benefits, disadvantages, and how to unlock the bootloader that can be done on an Android cellphone. Well, if you don’t understand it, it’s a good idea not to try to unlock the bootloader because it will carry unwanted risks.

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