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USB Gadgets Unique

USB Gadgets Unique : USB drives have been quite the rage for the last few years. Smaller and smaller USB devices started storing more and more data. But what about the USB powered devices? There have been quite a few of them around. Some are pretty cool and I do mean literally cool whereas others make artificial fishes swim. A few of the most unique USB gadgets are discussed below.

1. USB Cooler This USB powered device serves as a cooling pad for your drinks and can cool beverages up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This cooler is ideal for gamers as they can now play their favorite games for hours and take a sip of their cold refreshing beverage whenever they feel thirsty. They can do so without even getting up. You can also take this handy little device to your office and take a few sips of your favorite cold beverage now and then to rejuvenate yourself.

2. USB Mini Aquarium What is the perfect way to have an aquarium without the hassles involved in taking care of the fish? The USB mini aquarium is the answer. This small aquarium has two artificial fishes inside. The tiny little motor inside the tank provides a moving current in the water which then pushes the two fishes here and there. Apart from looking extremely cute, this one has LED lights inside which give off a brilliant blue light. The mini aquarium is very small and can be taken just about anywhere.

3. USB Air Conditioned Shirt This unique shirt actually has two small fans inside which measure about 10 cm each. You can either power this shirt by connecting it to a USB port or by using batteries, whichever seems more convenient for you. The two fans ensure that you never get hot under your collar. So much for that silly saying.

4. USB Microscope This little device is extremely useful for students who have a keen interest in Biology. This microscope can zoom in to about 200x. You can take snapshots and time-lapse videos with this device. Along with the microscope you will also get free software for the installation process. You will also get other essential items like tweezers, sample slide, eye dropper and specimen jars with this device.

5. USB Turntables This is another handy device for all those who still love the glorious vinyl records of yesterday. If you’re afraid of losing all those brilliant songs, you can digitalize them using the USB turntable. All you have to do is connect the turntable to your PC, install the Audacity software that comes along with the device and you’re good to go. You can even edit the song and tweak it using the various editing options you have in Audacity. It looks pretty cool too.

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