Use These Tips To Make The Battery In Your Smart Phone Last Longer

Use These Tips To

Use These Tips To : If you just recently got yourself a new phone, you are most likely going crazy tinkering with the options and features of your phone. Soon enough you will realize that your battery is dying and you have to charge your phone again.

So before you start calling your dealer and complain about the battery life, take a good long look at how much you’re using your phone and you’d realize that the battery life is just normal, it just so happens you’re bombarding it with activities and other features exploration that it will inevitably die on you.Those are some Use These Tips To

Most owners are disappointed to realize that they have to charge every 24 hours or more often than that. The more features that a phone has the easier it is for the battery to fail during the day. This is true most especially if you are using a smartphone where you do almost every business function on.

So what if your gadget died on you? Are you going to search desperately for an electrical outlet? No, of course not. Are you going to give up the phone altogether? No, you don’t have to. What you can do is to figure out a strategy on how to conserve your phone’s battery so you can use it for days straight without having to charge. It’s all a matter of setting priorities. You have to figure out a way to reduce energy consumption during the day so your phone can be available for essential tasks.

Reconsider your network. Some networks use more power than a GSM network. As long as it covers your needs a GSM network should be fine for you. Another way to conserve energy is to dim your screen. The brighter your screen is, the more battery power it’s using. If you’re in a dimly lit room, adjust the brightness of your screen. Consequently, if you’re also playing music, you don’t have to turn it up full blast as this consumes more energy. Take only what you need and never in excess especially if it is not the essential task that you brought your gadget for.

Try to stop yourself from searching. If you’re not using the Bluetooth or wifi feature, you can turn it off to conserve battery power. Put your phone to sleep when you’re on standby.

If you are in an area where signal is weak, your phone works triple hard to look for a signal, speeding up the draining of your battery life. If you are in such a place, it might be a better idea to just turn it off and wait until you reach an area with sufficient enough signal.

Lastly, the simplest way to surely cut your energy consumption. Is to put it on airplane mode when you are not using it. Yes, you won’t be able to receive email message or phone calls but it can greatly stretch the life of your battery. If you are not waiting for anything important to come up, this is the smartest thing to do.

Those are some Use These Tips To Battery

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